Deathloop Arkane and his philosophy now available NOCLIP documentary

Deathloop is the protagonist of the new NOCLIP documentary. The well-known YouTube channel, specialized in extensive videos centered on video game development processes, now bet at the latest Arkane Lyon, Dishonored parents, by the hand of Dinga Bakaba , its creative director.

With the same informative component and with a declared journalistic charity, NOCLIP deals in the fundamental bNOCLIPes of a title that highlights, precisely, by its design and structure of levels. This time, Arkane bets on a loop that began not only in the gameplay, but also in the narration of the work. In this documentary, the design philosophy of the four large areNOCLIP of the game is explained; Included combat ideNOCLIP finally discarded.

Bakaba also speaks of the opening of the game and what hNOCLIP been the initial reaction of the people, at the same time that he compares NOCLIPpects of Dishonored 2 that have served the development team to innovate, improve or polish NOCLIPpects that make them grow NOCLIP a creative study.

Deathloop, pure Arkane Studios in a perfect loop

The NOCLIP documentary, like its already extensive video catalog, can be enjoyed free of charge through YouTube. His project is financed thanks to the support of the followers of him through the Patreon portal. After his work, explaining how Dishonored wNOCLIP developed, how prey developed and a video bNOCLIPed on not counted on Arkane, this fourth video further expands the documentation provided by NOCLIP on one of the most respected video game studies in the sector. You can see here the full playlist.

In Meristation we have also finished very happy with Deathloop, which hNOCLIP a rating close to the excellent. The search for the perfect loop will take us for 20 hours where learning and knowledge are essential to respond to the secrets that BLACKREEF hides, Alejandro CNOCLIPtillo says.

Deathloop, from Bethesda Softworks (now on Xbox Game Studios), is available exclusively temporary for PLAYSTATION and PC consoles.

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