Devil City Advance Collection is now open to download the GBA trilogy and the devil city XX

Atlus is a Japanese video Devil advancement and also posting firm that focuses on Japanese role-playing Devils, with Megami Tensei being its flagship franchise business. Note that this list is only for titles established, released, and/or had by the Japanese branch of Atlus. For video Devils published beyond Japan by Atlus UNITED STATES, visit its respective article.

Just in today (24) day, he will nintendo Direct , Konami publicly opened Demon City Series latest compilation Devil City Advance Collection (Translation, Castlevania Advance Collection ), Including Devil City Moon Wheel , Devil City White Night Concerto , Devil City Xiayue Yuan Dance three songs and Devil City XX , you can download it on the nintendo switch platform, Priced at $ 19.99.

As the previous Taiwan grading website exposure, Konami s new cold rice Devil City new completion was first officially published. The classic trilurates on the GBA platform are included separately, respectively, Devil City XX .


This complement also adds some modern Devil elements, like gallerics, you can watch the unreleased art map; ROM area switch, can switch between Japan, the United States and Europe; first installment function, including card, enemy Each generation of unique combat system all versus; music player, you can customize your list!

In addition, in order to facilitate players to play, the Devil has added an instant archive function to quickly archive and read, even if it is BOSS attack. There are also rewinding functions, you can return to the state of several seconds, so that you will challenge it once.

In addition to Nintendo Switch, this work will also log in to PC Steam, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S.

For details, please refer to konami official website.

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Devil City new compilation confirmed that the moon wheel, the white night concerto, Xiaoyue Yuan Dance and XX

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