Free Fire OB30 Update Release Date Time Maintenance Details and Major Features

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Since the closure of the Free Fire, OB30 Advance Server has been quite discussed about the upcoming updates of the game. Time has almost come, and a new patch of Battle Royal Titles is on the horizon.

Players are waiting for it because it will allow them to try all those new features, which are included by the developers, such as the new airdrop vending machine.

Developers have already unveiled some events that will be added to the game after the release of new patches.

Free Fire OB30 Update Release Details about Date, Time and More

Free Fire OB30 Update is ready to be released on September 28, 2021. As always, it is estimated that there will be a maintenance period during which the player will not be able to reach the title. Expected time of maintenance are:

State time: between 9:00 to 9:30 am (GMT +5: 30)
Time to end: between 5:30 to 6:00 pm (GMT +5: 30)

The new Version will be available for download in a few hours maintenance period on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Therefore, it will possibly be downloadable between at 10:00 pm and at 11:30 pm IST (GMT +5: 30).

Additionally, the Advanced Version of Free Fire, i.e. Free Fire Max will be released globally on September 28.


Popular Data Minor Night Clown has recently leaked the patch notes of free Fire OB30 updates. Here are some main features that are ready to present new patches:

1) Character change

2) New 6 vs 6 Clash Squad Custom Room Match

3) Airdrop Vending Machine – Available in Classic and Rank

4) Optimize revival points and play zones

5) Weapon balance

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6) Replay Systems (Beta)

7) New Guild UI

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8) Bug fixes

The reader can click to read about the leaked patch notes of the upcoming Free Fire OB30 update.

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