New World Marauder Advancement Gladiator s Guide Where to go after the machete keys

There are many things that Amazon Games first MMORPG does well, but the missions are certainly not their strongest feature. Most are reduced to basic recovery missions, and the stories that UNEN are not particularly interesting. In some cases, they are not so easy to follow, and if you are struggling with the line of Gladiator s Merodeer Test Missions, you are not alone. Here is a New Gladiator s Guide to Advancing World Marauders for anyone who is struggling to find out where to go after Cutlass Keys.

Merodeer Advance Gladiator Missions Guide

First, be sure to have at least level 24 before embarking on this mission, otherwise you can not advance mission markers and complete it. Sometimes, the Missions Registry will indicate that the level required is 20, but that is not true. It seems that many players are wrong as a result, so be sure not to waste time on something that your character can not yet participate.

Once you are at the right level, take the search for Cutless Keys Hamlet talking to Winifred Silas. Once you have done that, make sure you set the mission, which should then generate a new marker to travel southwest of Cutless Keys. There you will face a corrupt pirate named Hamidou. After dealing with him, he returns with Winifred to charge your reward.

The reward for this mission is:

1200 XP.
85.50 pieces
100 chips
20 Azoth

This does this by our Merodeer Advance Gladiator Missions Guide of the New World. To get more tips and guides about the game, be sure to consult our Wiki guide. Alternatively, you should also see any related content for the game below that it can be useful.

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