New World Patch 1 0 2 prepares character transfers and fixes a lot of bugs

An MMO that comes completely without bugs and mistakes on the market? Never existed and will never give it. Amazon s new MMO New World is not an exception and so the developers have been busy since the release on September 28 to make smaller and larger adjustments to free their prestige object from all annoying mistakes and players a round and fun adventure Aeternum to enable.

Patch 1.0.2 lays, among other things, the foundation for the coming character transfers and adjusts the influence of the various fractions in the areas. The main focus is no doubt in the remedy of some bugs. Some of them will be encountered in the game myself, others are rather rare nature. Here the entire German patch notes as well as the announcement by Amazon Games.

NEW WORLD: Official patch Notes from 1.0.2

Greetings, adventurer!

This week, there are plenty of troubleshooting and some preparations for the upcoming server transfer function. Many members of our team work tirelessly that players can find a server in the future, which they can take permanently to their home with the transmission function for characters. Will be published additional details on the server transfer function as soon as it is completed. In addition, you will find an announcement with the first details in the forums. In the meantime, you can see the list of troubleshootings below.

Faction missions:

We have adapted the influence of influence over time so that it still requires significant efforts to lead an area into the war:
The influence gain over time was significantly reduced for the attacking fraction. The reason for this was a mistake that led to influence much faster than intended.
The influence loss over time for defending fractions has been removed.

Bug fixes:

General bug fixes:

An error has been fixed in which players could reshumplate as corpses.
An error has been fixed, with the fishing treasure chest (rank 3) did not resist after she hung on the Angel.
Various translation problems and text boxes were corrected.
The messages for the information of players separated by Easy Anti-Cheat separated, suspended, locked or removed were improved. Additional notifications have been added so that players can better understand the reason for the penalty received.
An error has been fixed, which led to the fact that the field of territory was reset after an invasion.
An error has been fixed, in which players who tried to take part of stacked objects from a settlement that does not belong to their faction, the total cost of all objects in the stack were deducted as a cost.
It was a crash of the game fixed, which was triggered when players used in the same moment, where they used a healing effect on another player, to use the fast journey or passed away.
It has been fixed a bug that reduced the variety and potential bag of game modes and chests in the world.
An error has been fixed, which led to some manufacturing bonuses did not provide the intended minimum values.
An error has been fixed, transfigured by the overspring objects in the camp in another area.
An error has been fixed, causing the caressing of snarchimedes to trigger a wobble of the camera.
An error has been fixed, which led to the cooldown of the skill Ice column was not calculated correctly.
An error has been fixed, through which the warehouse of the settlement could be massively overcrowded by expired contracts.
It has been fixed a bug that led to the movements of a player s movements when he was utilized at Lumberjack.
It was fixed a bug by which there were not enough chests in the HOWE home staff to meet the prerequisites of the faction quest.
An error has been fixed, which led to players randomly teleported.
An error has been fixed by which the player disappeared, which stood still and stopped a building plan for a warehouse gun turret.
A visual problem has been fixed by which it seemed as if repeator-protected floors fired in an angle that did not fit the tower orientation.
Different game crashes were fixed.

KI bug fixes:

An error has been fixed, by the mookifer in the flatfish fishing slower respawn as intended.
An error has been fixed, which led to some bears faster than intended.
An error has been fixed, which led to the landing point of wild boar on the undisted coast twice as many wild boars puzzled as intended.

Shop bug fixes:

An error has been fixed, the player has been prompted to buy an item for which they had already started shortly before the activation process in the shop in the game, when trying to unlock another item right thereafter.
It has been fixed a bug by which the preview for skins in the shop did not work properly if the player actively led a weapon.
An error has been fixed, through which the right-handed guard s armor-skin did not change the color in the war.
An error has been fixed, through which the armor-skin of the rune bear in the war did not change the color.
An error has been fixed, which led to the preview of objects in the shop to false poses.

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