Destiny 2 Atlas Skew Rheasilvia Week 3 Location Guide Tracking the stars

The search for Atlas Skews continues at Destiny 2 from the third week of Season of the Lost. Last week we locate them at Strand, and this week we will look for them at Rheasilvia and Harbinger s Seclude. It seems that we will have to do it once more after this week to advance in Exotic Quest for AGER s Scepter Commercial Rifle. If you are here, you are probably looking for Get the Atlas biases for week 3 in Destiny 2 . This is where everyone is.

lower level of Rheasilvia

Atlas Skews week 3 – In search of stars 3

While this week s Skews are quite boring and hard to reach, it is at least not so bad. While there are many lower levels in Rheasilvia, the one you are looking for is the lost sector of the Starlight Chamber. Simply go to this missing sector and you will see it on your way through the tunnel to the lost sector.

Isolated statue of Rheasilvia

Atlas Skews week 3 – In search of stars 3

There are many isolated statues in Rheasilvia, but there is a particular one that should be visited. Honestly, it is painful, so we have included an image of the exact location on the map where atlas Skew resides below.

Destiny 2 All Atlas Skews Locations - A Hollow Coronation - Week 4 Atlas Skews Guide / Solution

Basically, however, what you should do is go to Harbinger s Seclude, also known as the giant temple in that area, and on the right there will be some floating rocks / cliffs.

You must scale these rocks and at the top you will find the Skew Atlas shown above. There is another confusing with which you will have to deal with. Fortunately, we also have a photo and a location for it.

View of the Temple of Rheasilvia

Atlas Skews week 3 – In search of stars 3

Again, there are many areas that could be considered a tempering of the temple , but the one that Bungie wants us to seek this time is on a path to the left of the great bridge that leads to the temple.

There will be a lot of rocks that will form a small hill for uploading, shown in the image above. Towards the top of this training you will find another Skew atlas. Fortunately, this does it for particularly annoying.

Now let s go to the Great Temple, Aka Harbinger s Seclude, to get the last two Skews. We promise that they will not be as boring as the last three.


Atlas Skews week 3 – In search of stars 3

This is quite easy. Once in the temple, walk forward until you enter a large room where you will probably find enemies. If you look on your right from the entrance, you will see a corridor illuminated in blue. This is where you will find the Side Hallway Skew.

Skulls of the omen Ahamkara

Atlas Skews week 3 – In search of stars 3

Finally, we have to visit the ancient Ahamkara skulls located at the lower part of Harbinger s Seclude for this last Skew Atlas of the week 3. If you have played in Forsaken, you have probably spent a while since you told them hello. If you are a new light, you may have never been here!

Fortunately, this Skew atlas is not hard to find once you know where to look. Return to the beginning where you entered for the previous slope. Instead of going directly to the Blue Runner, go straight. Enter the large room and release the handrail to get to the lower level, then turn to look where you entered.

Follow this way through a series of drops that will take you to the lower level. In this room you will find the Atlas Skew final.

After collecting all the atlas Skews, return to HELM one more time and select the search mission that appears now. Replace them as it did the last time.

I hope this has helped you find all the atlas Skews for week 3 ! To see the rest of our Destiny 2 content, including the season of the lost and the last of the Expansion The Witch Queen, consult our most recent items here.

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