Destiny 2 Atlas Skew Week 2 Locations Guide Tracking the stars

The search for Atlas Skews continues at Destiny 2 from the second week of Season of the Lost. Last week we locate them in fog, and this week we will seek them at the Strand. It seems that we will have to do this four times over the course of the four weeks to advance in Exotic Quest for AGER s Scepter Commercial Rifle. If you are here, you are probably looking for Get the Atlas Skews for week 2 at Destiny 2 . This is where everyone is.

Imposing Statue of Thread

Atlas Skews Week 2 – In search of stars 2

Go to the strand, go up a little higher by a nearby hill and look for the great stunning statue that is observed in the image above. It is white, and if it is a week with many curses, it will be covered with a sticky substance, it is difficult to overlook it. At the top of this statue you will find the first Skew atlas.

Gazebo Strand Statue

Atlas Skews Week 2 – In search of stars 2

This is also quite easy to find, but it can be a bit complicated if you turn off from the description. You will have to go to the Gazebo, which is the area enclosed in a circle at the Strand at the top of Apehlion s REST, where you will be petra once every few weeks.

Go to the gazebo and you really want to go after him. There will be another small floating rock on which you can jump and the atlas Skew will be waiting for you.

Brazier Aphelia.

Atlas Skews Week 2 – In search of stars 2

This is extremely easy to access. If you followed, simply walk down from the surveillance area and enter the nearby Apehelion s Rest sector (you will also be marked on your map).

Open your way through the wineries here, then, where the boss appears, there will be a brazier (a great cane with fire) near where the boss is. Just behind is the third Atlas Skew.

Garden waterfall

Atlas Skews Week 2 – In search of stars 2

You should go to Esila Gardens, who accesses by a Southwest Road in Strand. Enter and run the area. On your right, you will finally see a waterfall and on the right will be the next Atlas Skew. Very easy.

Garden bridge tree

Atlas Skews Week 2 – In search of stars 2

Finally, if he has followed him, he will be in the last Skew. This is as easy as the last of finding and reaching. If it comes from the waterfall, just look for a large bridge with a tree at the end, as indicated in the image above. Climb and pick up your last Skew.

Once you have all the atlas Skews, return to Helm one more time and select the search mission that appears now and give them as you did the last time.

I hope this has helped you find all the atlas Skews for week 2 ! To see the rest of our Destiny 2 content, including the season of the lost and the last of the Expansion The Witch Queen, consult our most recent items here.

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