Don t you think about guilty or innovative in the Reverse Trial trial NOT GUILTY and InnoCent English pickled in the game 80

On October 12, 2001, reverse trials launched in Game Boy Advance has reached its 20th anniversary the other day. The detectiveism was centered on the reasoning mystery, and he fell popular with the expressive action and the expressive action and the volatile feeling.

In the English version, the stage is America, and the person s name and some trick settings have been changed. Currently available forms are recorded and all language switches are recorded, and immediately after playing Japanese, you will be able to guess it even if it is a term of a highly level murder case.

Currently, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary, reverse trials 123 Nakaido Selection is currently under sale on each platform. Instead of buying a reference book, you can get this opportunity and enjoy the difference between Japanese and English.

Practice question answer

Be careful about DEATHLOOP sweet language? A little suspicious fizz pop advertisement [English pickled in the game 79]

Book s insect is Bookworm as it is in English, but the term source is separate. It seems that the idea was in common by chance.

No seller is not innocent and the method of trial

I often listen to this combination about guilty or innovative, white or black, and the criminal of the case. Even with the reverse trial , it is the main axis of the game that proicates the innocence of the accused and providing the truth s truth.

In English, it represents GUILTY and NOT GUILTY in English. If you are innocent, innocent is also called innocent , but No Seni of the verdict is Not Guilty and is not innoticent . It is translated as the same unstale , but the essential meaning of both is greatly different. In the American trial with a jury system, you will be explained to make a judgment of GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY instead of GUILTY OR INNOCENT when competing criminal trials. So where is the difference between NOT GUILTY and Innocent ?

First of all, let s clarify what is GUILTY = guilty. This proves the fact that the law was committed in the trial trial, and the result is the result. In the case of a jury system incorporated into the game system in Large reversal trial , it is a condition that all the 12 jury members match all the states in a heavy crime, so everyone is convinced to prove crimes It leads to a judgment that is the first to guilty.

If there is a jury, if there is a doubt with doubts with demonstration, it will not be guilty. This is a trial NOT GUILTY . In other words, it refers to states that can not be determined and candid . Since validation responsibility is on the prosecutor, it will be NOT GUILTY if the jury thinks that there was no decision on the prosecutor s claim.

On the other hand, innocent is a narrow sense and innocent and innocence , so it is proved that it is not involved in crimes. Although the defense side is also a means of doing so, it is difficult to counter the evidence that the police collected. It is also useful to lower the credibility of the promotion side and shake the demonstration because you need to aim at the NOT GUILTY line to win the trial. So there is no need to be innocent = innocent. Even if it is a doubtful gray, it will be innocent = NOT GUILTY unless it is guilty in a trial.

In connection with this, there is a word Presumed Innocent (estimated innocence) . It is the basic principle of the law that suspects and defendants should not be treated as criminals, unless it is guilty in trial.

For example, the police collects evidence and delivered to the prosecution, it is work, and there is no guilty of guilty. Running an arrest is to prevent harm to the escape and surroundings. Documentation without arrest has also been reported, I asked for someone who seemed to be suspicious. It is also possible to avoid the suspect in the reporting, and it is also possible to consider the image of the crime.

Generally, it is an image that innocent innocent is an innocent shiro, but the gray NOT GUILTY is correct if it is originally. It is not the one alternative or the two-way two-way two-way alternative, GUILTY NOT GUILY INNOCENT (innocent) gradient will be close to the actual situation of the trial. The movie 12 angry men and 12 kinds of Japanese are drawn by jury members, and prosecutors and lawyers are also different courts.

Reading-EPISODE 1 The First Turnabout

There are many intense characters in the reverse trial , and in English translations are also translated into the sponsorship. On the other hand, I use firm words in the court scene, but because the original is GBA, most brief sentences are most. If you know the content of the case, it is the level of inside which can be read.

Game Boy Advance Longplay [078] Guilty Gear X - Advance Edition
When Something Smells, IT s Usually The Butz

If you think something smelly, it is always BUTZ (BUTT = Ass)

It is an English translation that corresponds to Yahori after all . There are many people in the Japanese version, but it seems that there are no changes in English as well as English but also for each language.

Cindy s AutoPsy Report

Time to Death: 7/31, 4 pm-5pm

Cause of Death: Loss of Blood Due To Blunt Trauma.

AutoPsy: Nebit


TRAUMA: Trauma

Conditioning Report: Cindy
Death estimated time: July 31st, 4 pm to 5 o clock
Death: Bloody death by bruising


We Were Great Together!

We Were Romeo and Juliet,

Cleapatra and Mark Anthony!


(UM … Didn t They All DIE?)

My daughter was connected!
Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra and Antonius!


(It s all dead …?)

It is a scene that was pointed out as fluttered for Payne statement. The best couple this century couple is included in concrete small news.

Word collection used in trial

Judge: judge

Court: Court, Court

Trial: Trial

Prosecution: Prosecution

Defendant: Defendant

Attorney: Lawyer

Victim: Victim

Witness: Witness

Testimony: Testimony

Contradiction: contradiction

Practice Problem: Translate the next line.


ALL We Can Do Is Believe in Them.

It is a theme that is her testament and penetrates the entire reverse trial series.

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