The official smash bros tournament Interrupted by Nintendo Online Service

Imagine that it happens twice on your official stream and always decide to do nothing online.

This is currently the main comment on a Reddit article on the Nintendovs Fall Open tournament, which has gone through a difficult period thanks to some technical problems. The officially supported online service by Nintendo has acquired a little negative reputation among Smash Bros., Due to frequent connection problems with this particular title. It does a good job to connect a wide range of players, but for many (especially those who want a more coherent and competitive experience), its lack of stability leaves a lot to be desired.

NintendoVS US Fall Open 2021 - Event #1
On several occasions during the tournament, offset peaks blocked the game, interrupting the action until the connection becomes stable enough. But sometimes, things did not get worse: a pop-up window affirmed the arena was closed and would force the match to be suspended while the organizers were trying to revive things. The commentator managed to laugh and players were not too upset, but the spectators had a very different reaction – highlighted in comments like the top.

Nintendo has acquired a rather contentious reputation over the years, canceling fans and tournaments organized by fans who are trying to transform Smash Bros into something that players appreciate more. Solutions to this problem exist, but they are not used as often as people would like it exactly for this reason. Players no longer consider connection interruptions as part of the Bros Smash experience, they see there a solvable problem – and the reluctance of Nintendo to integrate these changes has become a frequent source of frustration. The problems encountered by the Nintendovs Fall Open are just another episode of these long-standing tensions between Smash Bros players. and Nintendo.

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