Marvel Crisis Protocol Announces important changes in Guardians of the Galaxy

MARVEL: crisis protocol is making some important adjustments in the Guardians of the Galaxy. During the last weeks, Atomic Mass Games has shown some planned updates for the characters statistics and skills that appear in marvel: crisis protocol, which will give new life to many characters as the game enters its third year. Earlier this week, Atomic Mass Games showed the planned changes in the Affiliation Characters of Guardians of the Galaxy. The Guardians of the Galaxy were destined to be a flexible affiliation with the ability to adapt to almost any scenario, but Atomic Mass Games pointed out that several of the characters stayed a little short from where they were supposed to be.

Four characters from guardians of the galaxy will be updated as part of the rebalancing, including the leader of affiliation, Star-Lord. Star-Lord s leadership ability receives a significant improvement, since he no longer costs a tactical letter. Instead, players choose in advance which figures receive a Wingin it tab at the beginning of the activation phase, which allows those figures to take two of their dice during their turn. The chips disappear at the end of the round, so players must make quick decisions about when to use those repetitions in each turn. Star-Lord also gets the superpower «Hit & Run», which allows you to attack and then move as a single action at the expense of two energies.

Gamora also won a new superpower, as he wins passive superpower Stealth, who compensates for part of him s planned fragility. Gamora also saw the resistance of it increased to 6 (before it was 5) to make it less prone to being knocked up by a single attack.

The two last characters in receiving rebalat are Rocket and Groot. These two characters were designed to synergize together, with Rocket having an innate superpower that made any attack aimed at him redirected towards Groot if Rocket kept at a distance of 1. However, players found that the best counterattack for the duo Rocket / Groot was simply throwing Rocket to Groot, which damaged both characters and effectively annulled any reason to keep the characters nearby. To help compensate this, Rocket now has the Nimble superpower, which prevents you from receiving damage by collisions. In addition, the superpower of Rocket s personal bodyguards increased it to 2, which gave him more maneuver capacity instead of being attached next to Groot. Groot also received some changes, with his basic blow attack with a longer range of 3, but at the expense of his living plant healing ability that has a limitation once per turn.

In general, rebalancing should give new life to the affiliation of guardians of the galaxy, which is one of the smallest affiliations but has a lot of flexibility to adapt to almost any situation. The new changes will come into force in 2022.

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