Shooter sensation is already dead 2 months after release

To release, a coop shooter immediately stormed into the Steam charts and a number of players as well as positive reviews around them. Just two months later, however, this hype is over again and the servers quite empty. What has led to the crash of Aliens: Fireteam Elite?

Shooter hope can not hold the hype

It started glorious, Aliens: Fireteam Elite gone to his release on Steam rightly through the blanket. Now, just eight weeks after the publication, the whole Hype seems past the cooop shooter again .

As the Steam Chart s statistics show, at the present time, there are just around the 600 simultaneous players in the Game of Developer Cold Iron Studios. The shooter is not only stormed into the topseller to the start, but also could Positive reviews of the players . (Source: Steamcharts)

Two weeks after release, the number of players poured between 10,000 and 13,000 and reached a high of over 15,000. With a stand of currently under 1,000 players, this change is a really strong burglary within a few weeks.

Also on the big Twitch and YouTube stages the game has been played by well-known streamers and youtubers up and down. But that too seems to have the success of Aliens: Fireteam Elite have not been secured in the long term. But what happened?

On the search for more Scifi shooters with alien contact? Then look at the trailer of the upcoming coeop adventure Ripout:

Why does Aliens lose: Fireteam Elite so many players?

Aliens Fireteam en GALÈRE  ????

Despite the still largely positive reviews on Steam, a large part of the players has continued. Last but not least because of some criticisms that attach to the shooter . The emptiness at atmosphere as well as persistent bugs are criticized by many players.

Also absence of new content leads to Aliens: Fireteam Elite the players probably can not hold at the bar. The last big update appeared in early September. The non-criticized lack of variety is thus aggravated.

However, a big factor is likely to be the really strong competition by Back 4 Blood. The Koop shooter was able to inspire many players in his beta phase and has become indispensable since the release of the Steam charts.

The Successful Aliens Release: Fireteam Elite can not play the players at the bar. Just two months after publication, the former steam top seller has disappeared in the sinking, proving the incredibly low game numbers.

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