Twitch tests with you 3 new features rewind as future function

Twitch is just experimentative: In the coming month, the platform wants three new features, including a rewit function, which all have potential to stay permanent.

This is new at Twitch: For a long time viewers for Twitch demand a function that allows them to rewind the stream. So far, only the option remained to create a clip so as to look again at least the last minutes. Competitor YouTube , on the other hand, made this better: spectators can rewind since the start of YouTube gaming.

Twitch seems to catch up and finally follow the reputation of the community. Via Twitter announced the platform that it should give exactly this function in the coming month. But that s not enough, Twitch users also expect two more changes.

These 3 features plans twitch:

Rewish function
Look trailer on function

Twitch in criticism, these features are long overdue

Twitch has fallen into criticism in recent weeks through many slips. Hackers could cute countless data, including revenue of streamers, source code of the website or security tools. In addition, the Leak announced that there was a non-banner list earlier, which granted streamers supposedly grassy fools.

In addition, Twitch ended the boost feature at the end of September (via Against special payments on the part of the viewers, the stream is pushed and more visible on Twitch. Some users hold the simply pay2win – where others say the boost has no effect (via

A true shot in the oven, but a money rain for Twitch. Now Twitch announced three new features that the viewers have been part of a long time. This could rehabilitate the platform.

The new features: The latest improvements, the Twitch plans, are likely to meet great favor. In addition to a function to rewind, users should also adjust memories and hop directly to the channel trailer.

Rewind caresses that you never miss an event again, even if you are too late. Also, the function Remind me will meet your name: you remember when your favorite galler is live.

However, this already exists. Have you created your Twitch account with a Gmail address and are also registered with this on the smartphone, you will receive an e-mail that inform you about the start.

Last but not least, there is still the function Watch trailer . It makes it easy to open the channel trailer without having to manually click on the channel of the streamer.

When are the features? There is no exact start date. It is known only that not every access to the new functions is obtained, but a randomly selected test group. The responsible persons of Twitch reveal only so much:

During the next month, some viewers may see up to three new buttons on live channels. The experiment is supposed to last one month.

Thanksgiving (admin) via twitch.uservoice

Although the buttons are removed after the test phase, you should return in the future depending on the rating – but then for all users. This does not guarantee that Twitch will permanently paste each of the three new features. When the implementation proceeds, is unfortunately also unknown.

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