It is informed that Xbox is working on a new MMO

A new report that affirms Xbox is working on a new mass multiplayer game, also known as MMO. The project is in collaboration with Mainframe, which is a study located mainly outside of Finland. And although the details are still scarce about this next title, it seems that it fits perfectly with the movements that Xbox as a company has been doing in recent years.

Publication GamesBeat revealed some of the first details about this new Xbox title this week, which is said that it is currently governed by the provisional title pax dei . According to the report, pax dei is a game that is developing with the cloud in mind and seeks to take advantage of this technology in a novel way. Specifically, the game can be accessed through several different devices, which means that, whether you are at home playing in your Xbox series X or while traveling through your mobile device, you should be able to enter and play. In general, this means of experiencing games is something that Xbox has been promoting a lot over the years, especially with its Xcloud initiative.

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Mainframe was formed by veteran developers in Helsinki and Reykjavík. We are creating a native MMO of the cloud, a vibrant world with new ways of interacting and connecting with our friends, says a description at Mainframe s official website about the initial state of the project. «It s the game of my life».

The aforementioned report in question continued to say that one of the main objectives of pax dei is that the game will be mechanical that will be climbing in different ways depending on where you are currently playing. For example, if you are playing on your phone, it could be more accessible to jump into the world and quickly grow some resources or develop certain skills. But when you play on a PC or a console, you are more likely to participate in intense activities in the game, such as incursions.

What do you think about the possibility of viewing a new MMO to the Xbox platform that could be played on multiple devices? Does this intrigue you at all? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

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