Phasmophobia promises to terrorize this Halloween with news for the game

We were calm lately, but there are some exciting news they have been the words of Kinetic Games on Twitter with which they have announced novelties for the interesting game of psychological terror . Phasmophobia was one of the viral successes of 2020 and since then, it has not stopped improving via constant updates.

The game highlighted by offering cooperative terror for up to four players where we were faced with different ones ghostly entities generated processed in each game. The players, communicating through the voice chat , must solve puzzles to survive their encounter with these terrifying entities.

On September 18, the study celebrated its anniversary since the launch with an update that allowed to play offline alone, as well as additional novelties such as the adjustment of failure and information about the Type of Ghost That was in the building when we lose.

The study will unveil the novelties on October 25 On this occasion, Kinetic Games It has been limited to warning about about News that will unveil from next time October 25 A 4:00 pm BST. As EUROGAMER has revealed, it is an update that is still being tested, where we will find a nightmare difficulty, two new types of ghosts, a new camp map and a readjustment in the difficulty. The market for the Indian Terror Games has not stopped growing, and on these dates, announcements about new projects live a special boom. This week we met Poppy Playtime, a new terror game for PC where we will have to escape from an abandoned toy factory.

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