FC Bayern Fans want Qatar

FC Bayern can set itself on a lively annual general meeting on 25 November.

A wider front of the fans of the German football record champion is against the controversial sponsoring deal of your heart club with Qatar Airways mobile. An application that arrived at the association on Friday should such transactions be excluded in the future.

We want to take preventive measures to prevent a new degree, said initiator Michael Ott the Sid .

Qatar, World Cup host 2022, stand for massive human rights violations, and there are serious allegations of corruption in annual generals, it was said in a message of critical followers.

The FC Bayern helps with the cooperation with a state-owned company actively involved distracting from the grievances and spread a modern, cosmopolitan image of the country .

Stay untouched should be according to the will of initiators, including faces known in the fans scene, the annual training camps in the gulf state. These buys at least theoretically the opportunity for critical communication – if you perceive them, said it.

FC Bayern has often defended his commitment in the desert state. Only a dialogue with the local rulers could be achieved, it always said.

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