Koei Tecmo unveils rising results

Koei Tecmo unveiled the results of his first fiscal semester closed on September 30, 2021. While the comparison of one semester to another could have been unfavorable in the light of the containment of 2020, the publisher displays numbers in Strong progression.

With a turnover of 281 million euros and a net profit of 137 million euros, Koei Tecmo even records the biggest fiscal semester in its history. The purpose of the publisher is to finish the fiscal year on a record turnover of 491 million euros, but its net profit is expected by declining 10% compared to last year, which would do everything from Even 200 million euros in profits. The next outputs include Project Zero: the priestess of black waters (28 October), Blue Reflection: Second Light (9 November), Dynasty Warriors 9 Empire (February 15), Workshop Sophie 2 (25 February) and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (March 18). The Japanese exit of TôKen Ranbu Warriors (February 17) will also have for this fiscal year.

Results of Koei Tecmo

Period | Turnover | Operational Profit | Net profit
— | — | — | —
April 2020 – September 2020 | 175 million euros | 63.9 million euros | 89.6 million euros
April 2021 – September 2021 | 281 million euros | 124.2 million euros | 137.2 million euros

On the sales side, Samurai Warriors 5 is credited with 410,000 copies distributed worldwide as of September 30, after a startup at 280,000 copies in Asia for the month of June. This is the only new figure unveiled by Koei Tecmo who has elapsed more than 6 million copies of the series NIOH in the world and more than one million copies of Ryza workshop ( 1 and 2). Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection had started with 240,000 copies distributed worldwide in the previous quarter, but Koei Tecmo did not update this figure.

Koei Tecmo distributed 3.6 million console and PC games between April and September 2020, including 2.3 million download (a 63% ratio). In the same semester, Koei Tecmo s mobile games recorded 103 million downloads, including 30.4 million in Japan. In turn on sales, the consoles and PC games are slightly overwhelmed by the mobile (128 million euros against 134 million euros) whose record results are carried by titles like Romance of the Three Kingdoms Ha -Do and THREE KINGDOMS TACTICS.

Koei Tecmo reaffirms its main ambitions: to launch a new license capable of exceeding the 5 million sales worldwide and release at least one game capable of exceeding the 2 million sales each year. The mobile remains important, Koei Tecmo aims to count in his catalog at least one game capable of generating more than 2 billion yen (15 million euros) each month and several other games capable of generating 1 billion yen ( 7.5 million euros) each month.

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