Lieberknecht can hope against Nuremberg on returnees

On Wednesday, Torsten Lieberknecht had followed his first general meeting at the SV Darmstadt 98 and had remained until the end – in contrast to the team, which had already been released by the event. One has noticed that people are satisfied with what the association has built in the past and project in the future, was his conclusion.

A few hours later, the focus was already full of the next opponent. On Friday evening, the previously undefeated 1. FC Nuremberg. At the thought of the first evening of the evening for about two years at the Böllenfalltor, he feel pure joy, said Lieberknecht. This concerns the mood, the floodlight, the lawn, which then shimmer differently and of course his team. This will have to raise a lot of energy to leave the square with three points. All players would have to be fit.

Is the force already enough for the returnees?

The extent to which this applies to its three convalescents, however, was open. Benjamin Goller trained after his angina as well as Lasse Sobiech for his muscular problems. And Klaus Gjasula has returned to Corona infection and quarantine at the beginning of Albania and now completed the necessary medical protocol.

Lieberknecht declared: We wait today and tomorrow morning, whether it makes sense or wait another week. Because the other guys have done that in my view also very, very neat.

Change requirement on the right wing

Most likes, there is a need for change on the right wing, where Erich Berko could not use his chance against Kiel (Lieberknecht Note 4.5). Should not be enough for Goller, Braydon Manu would be an alternative that has never been in the starting eleven so far this season.

In the internal defense, Thomas Isherwood would have to give way if LieKerknecht should rely on Routinier Sobech. Before his injury, the coach had explained, Sobiech games in any case when he was fit.

I Am The Last Surviving Prosecutor of the Nuremberg Trials

Gjasula would certainly be an important player against a Bear-strong opponent (O-Ton Lieberknecht). But then either Tobias Kempe or Fabian Quickhardt would have to give way, which harmonized well during the absence of Gjasula. It would also be possible to pull Kempe on the right wing. There, the Standardexperte already came to use this season, but it is not his favorite position.

Ronstadt stays loyal to the pitch

Further, Tim Schkarke (Reha after Adductor Operation) and Ensar Arslan (foot injury). Another setback also had to accept newcomer Frank Ronstadt. The outer railway player had initially missed because of a tap injury, which he had moved in the past season. Then a Corona infection sat dull several weeks. Now he moved into an ankle violation in a duel in training. The exact medical finding was still out on Thursday afternoon.

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