Hearthstone Patch 21 6 Brings new mercenaries mini set and battlefield

On November 2, Patch 21.6 appears for Hearthstone. This big update brings the long-awaited mini-set name the deaths. However, the update still offers much more: new mercenaries, battlefield heroes, treasure revisions for mercenary mode, a new rotation for the arena and fight-ready decks are also stuck in the patch.

Table of contents

  1. 1The mini-set The Deaths
  2. 2new mercenaries
  3. 2.1New headgards
  4. 3dream new heroes for the battlefield
  5. 4 fighting decks return to
  6. 5Aarenarotation from 2 November
  7. 6 error holders & improvements in the game

The mini-set The Deaths

Edwin Van Clef and his crew await you with 35 unique new cards with pirates and new synergies for the keyword! Get you in packs from verint in Sturmwind or secure the entire mini set with 66 cards for 14.99 EUR or 2,000 gold! The card fillings take place during the weekend and the full mini-set will be released on Monday, November 1 in a blog on PlayHearthstone.com.

New mercenaries

Edwin, ruler of the defias (legendary fighter)
At highest level 13/80
Blade of Assassin 5: Tempo 5. attacks an enemy. Receives +5 life and attacks him again when he has not performed an action in this train.
Supported Attack 5: TEMP 5, cooldown 1. Gives +5 attack for each friendly pirate and attacks a random enemy. Combo: Immune when attacked.
Boot of the ruler 5: Tempo 4, cooldown 2. Adds 10 damage to an enemy. Is repeated for any other pirate you control. Death Socket: Represents 25 life.
Equipment :
Black Flag 4: Passive: The capabilities of adjacent pirates are (4) pace faster.
Local round 4: Supported attack is (3) pace faster and always makes immune when attack.
Fair share 4: Loot of the ruler represents 10 more life again and affects all the friendly characters.

SNED (Epic Protector)
At high level 7/77
BZZZ !!! 5: Tempo 6. Causes damage that meets your attack. Adds harm to the neighbor of the target if the effect of saw activation is active.
Enable saw 5: Tempo 3, cooldown 1. Get +6 attack for 2 trains. Attacks a random enemy.
Disarm 5: Tempo 3, cooldown 1. Applies an enemy. Gives it permanently -5 attack.
Equipment :
Skull dust 4 BZZZ !!! Also causes bleeding (5).
Titanium blades 4: Activate saw gives +4 attack more and lasts 1 pull longer.
Extraclingen 4: Activate saw 5 is active at the beginning of 1 train.

Eudora (epic fighter)
At high level 10/78
Coup d État 5: Tempo 4. attacks an enemy. Fires Eudoras cannons on it when the enemy is far left or right.
Cannons shaft! 5: Tempo 7, cooldown 1. Calls on the right or left of this mercenary a cannon. (Immediately usable)
Cover Fire 5: Tempo 7, cooldown 1. Puts 12 live in a friendly mercenary and let him return to your bank. Fires all your cannons.
Equipment :
Schrapnellschuss 4: Cannons cause 5 damage more.
Fire-ready weapons 4: Battle cry: Gets a cannon.
Salty Bracers 4: Passive: + 2 / + 10.

Handlanger Pein (Rare Protector)
At high level 7/75
Butterflies 5: Tempo 8. Receives +5 attack for every enemy with max. 40 life. Attacks an enemy.
Ahoy, your country rats! 5: Tempo 2. gets ridicule this train. Reserves +5 attack after an enemy attacked this mercenary.
Overboard 5: Tempo 3, cooldown 1. Reserves +10 life and attacks a random enemy after another friendly character was injured in this train.
Equipment :
Shipper 4: Butterflies gives additional +4 attack.
Heavy Anchor 4: Overboard granted +6 attack if the injured befriended character is a pirate.
Sharpened vagina 4: every time receives +4 attack when another friend of pirate attacks.

crumbs the cook (rare caster)
At maximum level 6/70
Fischfestmahl 5 (Nature): Tempo 2. Adds an enemy 10 damage. Death: Gives all friendly characters +15 life.
Cookie Cooking 5 (Nature): Tempo 5, cooldown 1. Damages all enemies bleeding (5) to. Sets with friendly murlocs and pirates five life restores.
Fish Ahoy! 5 (Nature): Tempo 4, cooldown 1. Calls for your opponent a random fish with a death rattle caused from which your benefits.
Coated pan 4: Fischfestmahl also gives +5 attack.
Iron ladle 4: Cookie s cooking is 5 lives longer restores.
Appetizer 4: The beginning: Gives friendly characters +9 life.

Table of contents

  1. 1The mini-set The Deaths
  2. 2new mercenaries
  3. 2.1New headgards
  4. 3dream new heroes for the battlefield
  5. 4 fighting decks return to
  6. 5Aarenarotation from 2 November
  7. 6 error holders & improvements in the game

New bounties

High Lord Omokk
General Drakkisath
Rend Blackhand

The new bounties are found in Blackrock. The new Mercenary cards, portraiture using and coins can be obtained from Mercenary packs, like maps the existing packages of the respective extension will be added from the mini-set. They can also be (as of bounties or fighting pit) and get to all the future options available to all other species. All future mercenaries are added the same overall selection. Each new mercenary is similar to the existing mercenaries on his own quest line feature.

Patch 6.21 also revised some treasures for the mercenary mode. A list of changed treasures and maps can be found in the official blog post.

Three new heroes of the battlefield

Diablo Hearthstone: Patch 6.21. brings new mercenaries, mini-set and battlefield heroes (2) Source: Blizzard

Reich of horror [passive]
Passive: All 4 trains fight ALL enemies with the Lord of Terror and your troops to loot.

Sneed Hearthstone: Patch 6.21. brings new mercenaries, mini-set and battlefield heroes (3) Source: Blizzard

Sneeds replicator [Cost: 1]
Gives a fellow servant death rattle: Gets a random servant same inn stage brought about.

crumbs the cook Hearthstone: Patch 6.21. brings new mercenaries, mini-set and battlefield heroes (4) Source: Blizzard

Stir Den boiler [Cost: 0]
Take a servant to the boiler. After you ve thrown three, you discover a servant from their servants types.

Players with battlefield bonuses get early access to Sneed and crumbs to the ship s cook before they are officially released on 16 November.

Battle Ready Decks return

For a limited time in the shop four combat-ready decks (Rogue, Druid, Hunter and Paladin) will be available, which was put together to compete in the current meta – and some of them are even so topical that it maps from the mini- Set included!


The cover formulas of the embattled decks of patch 6.21 will be added to the patch notes when they can be bought from the 2nd of November for 14.99 EUR.

Arena starting rotation on November 2

When the mini-set appears The Deadmines on November 2, cards are of the following sets stand in the arena to choose from:

Mini-Set: The Todesminen
Vereint in Sturmwind
Ruinen the Scherbenwelt
Verschwörung the Schatten
Ritter of Frostthrons
Reise after Un Goro
The streets of Gadgetzan
core set

bug fixes and improvements to the game

The following cards were added to the magic type Shadow : Yogg-Sarons Puzzlebox, Mask of C Thun, Götze of Y Shaarj. Sets you with the old gods only at your own risk!
A bleeding that is done when dragging now consumes the temporary magic loss increase by talented Arcaneist.
Temporary magic loss is no longer credited for delayed effects such as signs or secrets. (For example, if you play prestors pyromant and then flame trap, the temporary magic loss effect is consumed, but the magazine of flame trap is not increased when the secret is triggered).
An error has been fixed, which reduced the cost of an additional diper with mockery when an additional copy of blade teeth guard has been played.
An error has been fixed, triggered by the prismatic jeweler set by transformation effects.
An error has been fixed, by the diseaseNerbin Tamsin did not redirect the damage that was thrown back by eye to the eye on the player.
An error has been fixed, through which rat king itself doubled when it was combined with cards, the additional death toler-effects triggered.
An error has been fixed, by which Alexstrasza could not harm the lifebinder to a player if this player activated ice block and then changed to another hero.
An error has been fixed by which the animation of collision accelerator was played twice.
An error has been fixed, which sometimes the wrong card back has been displayed when opening packages and a card could not be turned over.
An error has been fixed, through which opponent assignment in battlefield lobbies with friends sometimes did not work.
An error has been fixed, distributed unevenly through the early enrich hearings if they were guaranteed in each game. We reactivate the system that guarantees that early enrollants will be offered in each game where players are located with battlefield bonuses.
An error has been fixed, which Treecgosa did not retain all the strengthening effects received in the fight.
An error has been fixed, through which the effect of dynamic duo was not triggered when Charlga played a bloodstone on itself.

An error has been fixed, which sometimes indicated in the picture for the mercenary welcome pack in the shop that a random epic mercilent is part of the package and not as intended for a random legendary mercenary.
Some mercenary tasks have been updated that could not be completed in the current form.
An error has been fixed, not based on bear trap on the ranks 2-5 as intended in combination with new cabling on the ranks 1-3.
An error has been resolved, through which the ability to taught shimmer fox sometimes no skills, summon the servants.
The images of some mercenary skills have been updated so that no longer preliminary pictures are displayed for you.
Different descriptions of mercenaries and equipment have been updated to fix errors, better adapt them to Styleguides and / or make the text more understandable.
Some names of mercenaries, for which falsely Roman numerals were used, have been updated.
An error has been fixed, which had to restart the game client after unlocking the wild format, to access the wild format.
An error has been fixed, by which some purchases were not displayed as acquired immediately after the purchase.
An error has been fixed, which appears in rare cases after logging in progress and points for successes than empty.
An error has been fixed, by which some successes could not be completed or picked up.
An error has been fixed in connection with seamless connection recovery.
The Unity version has been updated.
Fixed bugs that could lead to game crashes and other general problems associated with the performance of the game.

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