State of Play October 2021 Today in LiveStream Time and Details

In the next night Sony radiates another issue of the State of Play Show. As usual, she can be tracked by a live stream of you. However, the start of European viewers is a fairly unfavorable time.

The October edition of State of Play is therefore launching today 27 October 2021 at 23 o clock of our time. You can track the 20-minute show on the official Twitch and YouTube channels from PlayStation.

See State of Play on YouTube
See State of Play on Twitch

We have integrated the YouTube player below:

What is shown?

Concrete details did not named Sony for the latest state of play issue. It was merely that they will turn around Third-party games that will soon appear for PS4 and PS5. In the focus, both announced third-party games as well as new titles, which have not yet been presented.

One of the games of the show already called the name. Thus, the Action Adventure Little Devil Inside will have an appearance during the show. What is known about the title, you will learn in our corresponding topic overview. For further games of the show, no information has been published so far.

However, there are relevant rumors. So it is suspected or at least hoped that Final Fantasy 16 could be one of the games today s state of play. After all, there were last changes to the website. Also games like Gotham Knights, Gollum and The Dark Pictures Anthology were mentioned in this context.

Further messages around Sony:

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Since the State of Play Edition turns around Third-Party games, the Games of Sony will probably stay outside. The company lets a few high-profile plays work, including God of War Ragnarok and Marvel s Spider-Man 2. Also on the multiplayer of The Last of Us Part 2 many players are waiting.

What expectations do you have to the latest state of play issue? Which games would you like to see?

Further news about State of Play.

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