Further details of Steam Deck will be released at the developer event Steamworks Virtual Meeting

EA Chillingo is a British computer game author established in 2002 as well as based in Macclesfield.

Valve announced that it will hold a complimentary online event SteamWorks Virtual Meeting: Steam Deck from 10:00 am (2:00 am November 13, November 13), November 12, Pacific.

In this event, more details regarding Valve s portable gaming PC Steam Deck that can be shipped abroad is released. The Steam Deck Development Team is participating, and how to execute hardware information and games is introduced, and the end of each talk is that Q & A sessions are provided.

Steam Deck Hardware

Development without development kit

STeam on Deck

Proton Support

STeam input

STeam Deck Confirmed

Dig down AMD and APU

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Steam Deck will start shipping in the United States, Canada, European Union, and UK from December 2021. Although only SteamWorks Virtual Conference can participate in SteamWorks developers, but information from participants may be transmitted one after another for shipping?

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