Initially defensive puzzle and waiting for toprak

Much bigger could not be the differences in front of the direct meeting on Friday evening (18.30 clock). While in the 1st FC Nuremberg in the past twelve (!) Compulsory competitions in a row always the same players formed the starting formation of the four-chain (TIM craftsman, Asger Sörensen, Christopher Schindler, Enrico Valentini), was the SV Werder Bremen in the 2nd league So far only twice the case: after the 3: 2 victory on the 2nd matchday in Dusseldorf and after the 3-0 victory on the 9th match day against Heidenheim. Each coach Markus started in the subsequent game in his personal selection.

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Injury reasons and shape fluctuations: no constancy in Bremens defensive

Otherwise, however, no Bremen stem formation has still been formed, on the one hand, for injury reasons (especially oils Toprak), but mostly for reasons of performance. Milos Veljkovic (874) and Marco Friedl (810) come to the most commitments so far, with the latter often commuted between the positions as indoor and left-back. This also has to do with the previously fluctuating performances of Anthony Jung, who could not fully convince the left behind. The Lars Lukas May lent by FC Bayern also has always outliers downwards in his achievements in it.

The least Konstanz was on the right-right position: At the beginning of the season, the converted six manuel MBOM was launched for three games, then twice Felix Agu, then three times the committed Mitchell wiser. There were again two appearances of MBOM again. But because the U-21 international – as well as wiser – stayed on this position so far among its possibilities, recently returned twice Agu.

Its role was an offensive against the FC St. Pauli last Saturday an offensive than usual because coach had changed the starting formation in the defensive for the first time this season from the beginning on triple chain. Friedl acted in the game build-up centrally with young (left) and Veljkovic (right) at his side. With Agu, who often dropped on the right outer car against the ball into the four-chain, and Romano Schmid, who also engaged in a midfield drape, remained largely flexible on the left outer car.

Toprak continues progress

Whether this next variant will now be considered by initially defensive puzzle in Nuremberg, will show. The fact that continuity can be at least helpful in this regard can be read on the only nine concentration of the francs – best value in the 2nd league; Werder conceded twice as many. On the other hand, a change should still be imminent in the Bremen in the medium term. On the already six gaming days away to comeback, captain and defensive chief Toprak makes progress after his calf injury. He has recently resumed complaints, the team training, now it is important to catch up on the physical residue – a return to the squad still in front of the fible break would be more surprising.

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