Metroid Dread and the million dollar question What happens with Samus s body when using his morphosphere

It is one of the identity halls of the Metroid Saga from its dawn. Samus Aran, the conflict hunters, is able to become a ball thanks to the morphosphere, which allows you to go through narrow and recondite places, using that skill in the favor of it.

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Normally, in videogames everything is possible and we do not ask ourselves too much about the veracity of the options offered by a science fiction title. But we would lie if we said we ve never asked ourselves. Is it physically possible that Samus Aran becomes the ball? If yes, How does it place the body of it to adopt that position? We will try to answer all questions about it.

Supported in a Polygon report, we see the study of one of the best-known hunter shares, where the Samus size and height is analyzed depending on the building blocks that appear on stage, and that It gives us clues of a mystery that has disturbing fans from the origins of one of the most influential licenses in the world of videogames.

Samus being a bada$$ for 10 minutes straight | Metroid Dread

But, let s go to just. How is that position capable of adopting Samus? And go beyond, How is it able to see the environment of it if she is constantly turning on herself? This makes it difficult for her to be oriented and, above all, not dizzy in the attempt.

In the aforementioned article they cite that the morphosphere works in a similar way to that of a toy eyeball, so Samus would be wrapped over itself, but with an always upright position. According to the sizes that are shuffled, when heroin is using morphosphere measures around a meter, which is practically half of height; Although the size of Samus and what she occupies Made Ball has been varying slightly in all deliveries.

In Metroid Dread, for example, last installment published in Nintendo Switch, the morphosphere turns out to be quite small, being a third of the size of Samus, and not half, as in many other games. It is a too small look and there is no apparent reason for it. Why? It is something we would have to ask the people of Mercury Steam and, considering that it is something that interests us quite in writing, we do not rule out doing it.

Regarding the question of whether it is physically possible that Samus adopt that posture naturally, it is difficult to respond and there are several theories. One of them, the simplest, is that His body of her is flexible and she is able to adopt several forms thanks to the Chozo technology, of which if you know the character of the character, the protagonist has in the blood her. Thus, her eyes and brain are stabilized as she turns. But, of confirming this theory, we may not see the hunter again in the same way.

Another more mystical theory is that Samus becomes those moments in pure energy, both her mind and her body, so that she can turn and accelerate without feeling anything. There are advocates of this philosophical theory called Schroedinger s vom. Some believe that she runs inside the ball: the morphosphere is opaque and we do not see what is inside. There are also those who wonder where the destructive pumps are stored that she carries with him and goes planting in that form.

There are many who are satisfied, simply, with that use the morphosphere is fun when it comes to playing, and point. And we almost prefer to stay with that.

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