Even the largest new world streamer enjoy exploits and they do not hide

Jerk [TWɪTʃ] is an online video streaming as well as VAD service run by Twitch Interactive and launched in June 2011. The website focuses primarily on real-time broadcasting of computer game including e-sport competitors as well as diversifies On other web content – particularly music as well as conversation – considering that completion of 2010.
Twitch was produced to have a site devoted to the Video clip Gamings branch of Justin.tv, which was the most prominent component of the solution. The new site will certainly after that exceed its parent, who closes in August 2014, to make sure that the business concentrates generally on Twitch. According to Emmett Shear, the founder and director of the site, he had at the beginning of 2012 nearly 15 million regular monthly visitors. Jerk has a little much less than 6,000 employees in 2021, with offices based in San Francisco.

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Twitch is acquired back on August 25, 2014 by Amazon.com for $ 970 million, while the company traded its redemption by YouTube previously in the year.

Here is SolidFPS – Streamer with almost 100,000 Observing, a member of the TSM organization, Twitch Partner, Amazon Stream Partner (who in the past took part in various New World related actions), and additionally programming engineer from education.

You just – during yesterday s transmission – without any shame, used Exploity New World. Completely without hiding this, Baa, encouraging even the viewers to do the same ( t esto game, you should also be ).

The first Exploidge concerned Spawn-Bug, thanks to which we could have infinitely farmed one Boss in Dungeon / Expedition. The second is a bug-macro associated with Fire Staff.


This EXPLOIT is RUINING New World..
However, the worst thing is how SolidFPS was treated by Amazon Games. It seemed that for such occurs (and this still documented by the tartowych) belongs to Permaban.

Meanwhile, SolidFPS received… a 23-hour ban. Update: And it is not said at all that this is a matter of AGS, or maybe notifications on the part of the community!

Germious penalties gets for writing a non-pierced word in chat game

All this shows a sad image of New World. After all, we have not talked about anything else for a few weeks, only about bugs, exploits and other technical problems of the New World. Such an atmosphere does not encourage you to buy and try the game.

NEW WORLD was supposed to be loud, but not from this page.

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