RPG with the soul Gran Saga new TVCM finally CM first co play as a companion Oguri is a heart weapon with Kaneko Nobuaki

NPIXEL Co., Ltd. is a new CM Gran Saga (Gran Saga) (Operation: Gameplex Co., Ltd.) Gran Saga (Operation: Gameplex Co., Ltd.), who launched Koguchi Nobu Aki, Corporation. I will be your weapon. It announced that it will start broadcasting from November 6 (Saturday).

Gran Saga New TVCM I will be your weapon. Top

This CM is a commemorative work that Koguchi Nobi Aki, who has many rivals in the co-starring works, and Kaneko Nobu Aki, as a CM, and also fellowship as a companion. A man with Kaneko who plays Grandweapon 1 (weapon) of Mr. Kuri, who plays Grand Weapon 1 (weapon) of Believing to live with your own power alone, a man who knows the strength to believe in the friend The theme of friendship, expresses the view of the world of Gran Saga.
Building s Building can enjoy the sexy two people s sinks between narrowing of a dimville. Please pay attention to Mr. Koguchi and Kaneko Knob Aki s strongest tag.

※ 1: The weapon used by the main character in Gran Saga. Both the weapon in the past hero s soul will be friends and fight.

Gran Saga New TVCM I will be your weapon. Story

November 5, 2021 (Fri) 19:00 Youtube Preceding
November 6, 2021 (Saturday) Broadcast start
A man who believes in his own power and lived and knows the strength that believes in his companion.
When Mr. Koguri and Kaneko play, when a completely different two parties of the view of life, a new story begins there.
The Gran Weapon system that is a characteristic of Gran Saga is a gran uppon system, and expressed dramatic with such men s encounter.
▼ TVCM: 15 seconds

▼ TVCM: 30 seconds

Performer Profile

actor. From Tokyo. He is a tristone entertainment affiliation. In 1998, he is the first regular appearance in a continuous drama at the TV drama GTO.
After that, he played a wide range of activities, such as the movie, the stage, as well as the TV drama.
In recent years, in 2018, 2018, GINTAMA 2 Gintama 2 Hibiki-Hibiki-, 2019, Diner Diner, Human Disquoting Dazai Taizu and Three Women, 2020, Voice of Sin, New Interpretation, Mikuni, 2021, Character Godzilla VS Cong.
In addition, it is decided to be starring in the 2022 NHK Taiga drama 13 people in Kamakakura while appearing at the TBS Sunday Theater Japan Sushion-Hope-Hope-Hope.

Musician / actor.
ParaDox, Ito Company affiliated.
He appeared in many movies, drama works such as Close ZERO II and Shinjuku Swan and Alice in the present country Promise Cinderella. In 2014, I also appeared in the NHK Motawa drama in 2020 and showed a wide range of acting power.
He also plays an active part in music, such as activities at his rock band RIZE and its own project RED ORCA, and the music of the movie music and the offer of the theme song.
He is only unusual presence and continues to attract him around him.
He is also familiar with the game, and the column series and game related programs to the game magazine are also responsible.
October 2021, the official Ambassador of Gran Saga.
Based on his own knowledge and experience, we will also send out the attraction of Gran Saga from the gamer s point of view.

Gran Saga New TVCM I will be your weapon. Produced Stuff List

Director: Okada Seki (SERIFF)
COPY: Ishikura Ishikura (HAKUHODO)
Account Executive: Matsushima Keisuke (HAKUHODO)
Cinematographer: Tomohiko Aida (Frelance)
Lighting Director: Mitsutaka Mizutani (Frelance)
ART: Sugimoto Ryo (ROJI)
Talent Stylist: Usui Tsukuda (Thymon)
TAKENT HAIR & MAKE UP: Shibuya Kotaro (Sunvalley)
Talent Stylist: Daisuke Uei (DEMDEM)
Takent Hair & Make Up: Takeshi Takeshi (VANITES)
Cast STYLIST: Yoshiyama Eri (FREELANCE)
Cast Hair & Make Up: Frelance
Casting: Migumeki (SENSE)
Location Coordinator: Mao Baba (URTICA)
Colorist: Tanaka group (L Espace Vision)
OFFLINE EDITOR: Kimura Atsuko (Active Cine Club)
Online Editor: Sakaku Yoho / Honoro (RedHill)
MIXER: Ryuji Sekitani (RedHill)
CG: Hirogumi Kuwahara / Oshiro (Linda)
Narrator: Hirobuki Hiroshi (Vims)
Project Manager: Sano Yuya / Saito Ma (Third)
Producer: Oto Midori (Third)
Chief Producer: Ishimatsu Rika (Third)
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Wound Mitaka (Third)
Production: Third

Gran Saga

Gran Saga is an original game work for smartphones drawn with the highest quality quality.
Based on the RPG of the royal road, it is a game that is loved around the world, high quality 3D graphics by Unreal Engine 4, Yuko Hiroji, Full Voice Story by Sakai Overlooking Voice Actor, in the game BGM, Shimimura Yoko, Illustration and Logo Design for All-Music Production, Teme Song, etc., such as RADWIMPS, a collection of selected artists gathered.
Please expect 2021 best games.
In addition, we are planning to develop on multi-platforms in the future.

[Game information]

Title: Gran Saga (GRAN SAGA)
Genre: RPG with soul
Development: NPixel Co., Ltd.
Operation: GamePlex Co., Ltd.
Platform: iOS / Android
Delivery date: 2021/11/18
Price: Basic Free (Some Billing)


https://twitter.com/gransaga rpg


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