at Las Eldon ring 20 minutes game play release

The game play of the wrapped in veil was finally released.

19 Minutes of Elden Ring Gameplay Preview

On November 4, Banzai NAMC Entertainment released a game play of the Fantasy Action RPG in Protein Software. So far, we were able to see some trailers through the trailer, so this is the first time to look at the detailed game play.

First, the stage of is a niche land, and the main character is light Barnes. There is a checkpoint blessing in the fields. It looks like a similar concept with the bonfire of the series. Some blessings shine the light leading the player, and they ran on the player s choice.

As the opening of the open world, the light is as much as the light is summoning. If you ride a horse, use magic, wield the weapon, you can fight a huge canyon, and you can take a giant canyon at a time to step on the device called Spirit Spring.

As long as the map is wide, also supports the map system. The map can be filled with map sculptures, and can mark items with item materials or dangerous places as markers. If you install a cover in the place you want to explore, you can check it in the field, so that it was easier to find it.

Battle was also released. Basically, it seems to be similar to the series, and in , you can collapse the enemy s attitude in a jump attack or a heavy attack. Every weapon, special attacks have a special attack, and you can fight it.

If the situation is difficult, you can summon the English and battle together. Other than others and players and online plays can be cooperated and combat.

also appears stealth play. In order to avoid dangerous enemies, the body must be lowered, and the powerful field boss should be cooperated with other players.

Looking at the fields, you may find a dungeon, such as underground graveyard, cave, tunnel. There is a rare treasure in the dungeon, but there is a strong boss or trap. Because it also has a hidden path as a series, it is also necessary to attack the wall and find the way.

In the second half of the image, it was drawn to explore Starkville. You can take one of the front door or byway, and if you break from the front, you will be given to be on. Unlike fields, the dungeon inside the dungeon is needed. In the video, it appeared to be attacked by the soldier who was hiding in the blind spot. Since then, the master of the castle appeared to battle with Nordic.

is a new composition of promoted promotional software as , . The CEO leads the Hide Takashi Miyazaki, development, and has participated in artist s George R. R Martin composed the world. is scheduled to be released on February 25, 2022 via Subtitles Korean Society, it was also a public component and booking purchase benefits of the collector s edition with this gameplay published.

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