Discord CEO Teasert Introduction of NFTs and Crypt Dietes

There is certainly still available to use the old gamer fossils, which for the shared gambling senior programs such as Team speak or Skype. However, most of the online communities is likely to organize and network over Discord. Is also a fine thing, thanks to the huge server selection, chat and voice chat functions, integrated screen transmission, bot services and additional options. Oh, and all there is for orthonormal users for free.

According to an article by Business of Apps from September, more than 300 million registered accounts have been counted for Discord, with 140 million monthly active users. And thanks to the optional nitro package, the ruble rolls: in 2020, the discord providers have generated $130 million in sales. The value of the company is estimated at $7 billion this year.

And so that the platform is prepared for the coming years and can continue the high-altitude flight, the providers plan new functions and interfaces. Some of these new interfaces could be closely interwoven with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and the so-called NFTs.

Note Number 1: In August, a survey apparently went out of selected discord users in which experiences to NFTs, Web3 and Co. were queried. Note Number 2: In a Twitter mail, Jason Citron, its character CEO and founder of Discord, showed potential interfaces to Metamask and WalletConnect two websites for blockchain / web3 apps and crypt feeds.

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With many discord users, this tweet did not matter all too well, which show various subsequent tweets and Reddit posts — here an example, in which is turned directly to the developers, with which please do not support NFTs. The arguments are manifold, from energy waste through the production of cryptocurrencies to all the mischief that has currently passing (authors injuries, selling digital, unique garbage for partly horrendous sums).

As more and more publishers jump on the crypto train ( Ubisoft for example or Electronic Arts ), this development will probably not be stopped. How do you rate that? Does your discord regularly use and would bother you such interfaces?

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Source : PC Gamer

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