Lineage M Siege is reorganized to the World

NC soft has released detailed information on the 10th Lineage M next update Oasis: Leaning.

Oasis: The fountain of the leap is on November 17th. The largest part is a siege reorganization. Two of the worlds consisting of multiple servers are changed in the form of a property.

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In addition, three lonely are federated, resulting in additional compensation for more than one specific world giant, and strategic elements such as various siege weapons and hero summoning.

In addition, the entire class combat balance, skill usability, and item convenience are improved, and the 20-level blood ring is open and special dungeon reorganization. Then, the number of world dungeon time competing randomly matched: adds Atlantis, and open the two-layer two layers of the belief.

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Update by 16 days, you can select one of the pre-reservation compensation boxes (growth and equipment) when you participate. Ripper servers are also available for compensation.

Then, from the day of update, all users provide special gifts as attendance compensation. The 7th day reward is a human guardian of a hero rating transformation card, and the 35th day is a hero rating magic.

For more information, see Lineage M Official Website.

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