Elex 2 Release appointment is fixed chic Collector s Edition

There is finally a release date for ALEX 2. The Open World Role-Play ALEX 2 will appear on March 1, 2022. The publication is for the PC; PS4, PS5, Xbox One and the Xbox Series X / S scheduled. In addition, the pre-orders are started.

Will there be a collector s edition?

In addition to the standard version, you can also buy a Collector s Edition of ALEX 2 (Buy €41.99 now). With 149 euros, this is anything but cheap, but also has numerous extras to offer. These include, among other things, a more than 23 centimeter Alb statues and a high-quality steel book. An appropriate trailer for the Collector s Edition of ELEX2 can be found below the message. Here are the overview:
The release date for the Open World Role Play ALEX 2 is determined. (10) Source: THE Nordic

A copy of ALEX 2
23.3 centimeters Great Alb statue
The original soundtrack
The official art book
A keychain in the form of a cleric amulet
a steel book
A concept album of Bjorn Panorama

If you should not have heard much of the game so far, we recommend our preview of Alex 2 on games.DE. In it, you will find all the important details as well as our previous assessment of the new Open World Role Play of the Gothic Mather.

ELEX II - Collector's Edition Trailer

Source: Piranha Bytes

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The release date for the Open World Role Play ALEX 2 is determined. (2) [Source: THE Nordic]

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