Over the past few days there were many discussions about the use of Minimal add-ons in New World. Among other things, the question came on whether the use of such tools, such as Oversell, could be allowed at all or can penalize a penalty. Also, the desire of some fans came to an official mini function.

Now Amazon Game Studios has expressed a bit more detailed to the topic.

Will there be an official minimal in New World?

The staff Lane recently reported to the official forum to give a more extensive explanation. Accordingly, such a function is not categorically excluded. However, the implementation of a minimum in New World currently has no high priority. There are other aspects of the game that are currently more important.

Why do the developers do so hard with a minimal?

According to Lane there is several reasons why a minimal in New World (Buy Now €39.99) is missing. Among other things, there is a great charm of the MMOs from exploring the territories, which could be affected by the use of such a map slightly.

In addition, the developer team see the risk that the installation of a minimum would reduce the general sense of immersion in New World. Also, technically, it is not readily possible to install such a function.

What is now with the minimal add-on of Over wolf?

The employee explains in the official forum that the use of the Over wolf add-ons and other third-party tools of this kind are permitted in principle. However, it is imperative that they fulfill conditions and limit themselves to certain things:

Show the position of the player
Show group members (as well as on the compass)

Display of raw material deposits only based on the previous activation by Trade skills etc.
Display of I characters only based on the previous activation by Trade skills etc.
Display of Quest (as well as on the compass)

New World MINI-MAP - Must See New Feature - This Makes Everything So Much Better - New World Minimap
Lane realized again that the add-ons are not allowed to grant the players serious benefits compared to the display of the In game compasses. Should this be the case, the developer team is forced to tackle against it.

Source: Official forum

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