First BVB doubt on painting to Stotterstart

Donnell moved to 30 million euros in summer from Eindhoven to BVB. The Butcher could not justify these transactions so far. Internally, the doubts about the royal transfer should grow, the responsible persons do not want the 22-year-old but not (yet).

27 goals and eight templates in 45 competitive games were enough in the past season enough to convince the BVB from a 30 million euros expensive commitment of Donnell. The Dutchman in his first 17 operations for Russia did not even have a fraction of this sum.

Borussia Dortmund sign Donyell Malen!

A single goal and two templates are available for painting in the black-yellow jersey after a third of the season to beech. Too little for his own and especially too little for the claims of the Russia, where you should already think about the newcomer.

The portal The Athletic reports that club insiders are surprised by how far painting the expectations behind and how great their adaptation problems are in the Bundesliga. After his outstanding season in Eindhoven, nothing has pointed out that the Dutch could not meet the requirements of Marco Rose possibly. That s exactly what was the case in the first few weeks of the season.

BVB gets first alarm sign after the em

The first alarm sign has already given it after painting return from the European Championship, it says. Already there the missing lifetianness of the wing storm should have noticed negatively. But the problem is not overweight, but painting lack of stamina and lack of explosiveness.

One of the Team Source said to The Athletic, Rose demanded from the Dutch, in certain situations to stay longer on the ball and to use his speed much more frequently and not only sporadically. That painting this could not be implemented so far is in the eyes of those responsible rather a head and not a physical problem.

However, the Dortmund with a final judgment about painting The Athletic is still behind. You still want to help the Dutch to get better. At the same time, the portal speculates, the interest of BVB at Karim Adam but also a clear indicator for painting the requirements of Russia has not yet been nearly fulfilled.

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