It is rumored that the multiplayer release of Halo Infinite will be delayed at the last minute

TONS of evidence that Halo Infinite releasing WEEKS EARLY? - (Unconfirmed rumors)
In recent days, new rumors have emerged that suggest that 343 Industries and Xbox were planning to launch the multiplayer component of Halo Infinite next Monday, November 15. The launch was meant to be a surprise for fans and celebrated the 20th anniversary of Xbox and the original aureole game. And although these rumors have gained a lot of strength during the last day, unfortunately, it seems a great launch for Halo infinite will no longer be happening.

According to an informant who is known as Nate the Hate, a last minute change in 343 and Xbox has provoked the delay of Halo infinite since his supposed launch this Monday. Nate was one of the original filters in question that said Halo Infinite The multiplayer mode will be launched almost a month before planning. While he does not enter into too many details about why this delay has happened, he still affirms that he will arrive at some point before the launch of the full game in December. Specifically, Nate affirms that Halo Infinite Multiplayer mode will still be launched in November, but it does not give more dates or details related to when it could be happening.

Again, it is worth emphasizing with this story that everything that has been expressed here, including both the assumption launch plans and its consequent delay for the multiplayer of Halo Infinite, are nothing more than rumors. Since there is no way we can base or corroborate any of this for ourselves, it is important to take everything that has been expressed with a grain of salt. No matter what the truth, we should end up listening more about this situation directly from Xbox in just a couple of days on November 15.

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Until then, the formal launch date that HALO INFINITE currently has is for next month on December 8. When the game finishes you arrive, you will reach the Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC platforms.

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