Do I need COD Vanguard if I only play Warzone

Telephone call of Responsibility: Vanguard is a 2021 first-person shooter video game established by Sledgehammer Gaming and also released by Activision. It was launched on November 5 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It functions as the 18th installment in the overall Telephone call of Responsibility collection and the sequel to Call of Obligation: WWII. Furthermore, it establishes a story featuring the birth of the unique pressures to encounter an emerging threat at the end of the war during various theaters of Globe War II. The video game received normally positive testimonials from doubters, with praise towards the project as well as multiplayer, yet criticism for its Zombies setting and lack of innovation.

BATTLE ROYAL CARBONE AND CALL OF DUTY: Vanguard Grow with the start of Season 1 on 2 December. War zone gets the vanguard graphics and a lot of content through the latest cod release. But should you buy the full price title if you only play War zone? Mango gives you decision help.

Call of Duty: War zone grows out at the beginning of December. On the 2nd of December there is a new map, fresh graphics and the anti-cheat system Ricochet. These whole innovations are related to COD: Vanguard, which has been on the market since 05. November.

By Vanguard, you have certain advantages for War zone, but worth buying the new cod, if you only play War zone? We list the advantages and how War zone benefits from Vanguard, even if you do not own the new cod. Then we still pull a conclusion for whom it could be worthwhile.

Here you come directly to the arguments for and against a purchase

What brings War zone with Vanguard?

One thing in advance: In the gameplay-relevant content you have no disadvantages. The complete content that comes in the game over the next few months will be fully available and free of charge. However, there are a few advantages that you can secure with the new COD in War zone:

Weapons levels
Exercise battles
One day former Caldera
Exclusive Cosmetic Bundles
Zombie Camos

Levels: You can already level the almost 40 new weapons of War zone in Vanguard. However, it is currently considered very exhausting to advance with the weapon level. It must still show if that is faster in the war zone after the release of the Pacific Update. So far, however, the multiplayer was the best way to raise War zone weapons. Bevel also goes quite well.

Fighting exercising: In the Battle Royale you do not have the ongoing fighting as in multiplayer and especially beginners should train as much as possible on the weapon. If you want to get better in War zone or are fresh in the COD universe, then the Multiplayer Cod Vanguard is better suited for the battle training.

Early Access Caldera: You can knock out a mini-benefit of gameplay content: All owners of Vanguard can play the new War zone Map Caldera on December 2nd. For non-buyers, the new War zone goes online until 03. December, 24 hours later.

Operator: You can only use the basic operator if you release it in Vanguard. With the new cod, the game figures can also be levels, and you will receive cosmetics for the operator. How limits you are with the operator skins, is not quite clarified yet. But if it runs as it was in the last year with Cold, the operators are not available.

As an example with Cold was: Did not you bought the game and activates the seasonal combat package with an operator skin, you will not use this skin.

Level 1000 COMPLETE in Vanguard...(What Happens?) - Call of Duty Vanguard
Zombie Camos: For a number of generations, you can use COD about weapons challenges skins for certain weapons, so-called camos. The challenges are usually tailored to the multiplayer and made for color in the weapons game.

With Cold, Zombie mode got its completely own zombie Camo collection and Vanguard has these camos again. Without the zombie mode you can not play the Camos for War zone.

Cosmetic bundles: This point is more negligible. But there was in Cold War and Modern Warfare a few Cosmetic bundles that you can only buy through the shop in multiplayer. With there a very black skin that can give you advantages in the dark.

All information about switching to Vanguard on 02. December can be found here:

What brings War zone without Vanguard?

You can describe it this way: If your war zone plays without Vanguard, you have everything you need for a complete gaming experience. Vanguard still gives you the extra on top. But even without the new cod, it benefits completely from the gameplay innovations and later, free extensions:

Live Seasons & Battle Pass
40 new weapons
Fresh game modes & events
Anti-cheat Ricochet
The new graphic

Live Seasons & Battle Pass: Vanguard goes to his first live season on 2 December and takes War zone. Instead of Season 7 War zone goes back at Season 1 again and the two cods will then go back to the Season 6. War zone content and the Battle Pass of a new season are fully available in Battle Royale.

New weapons: As soon as you can play the Pacific Update of War zone, the almost 40 new weapons are in the game. There are already 2 new weapons over the Battle Pass.

Pacific Island Caldera: The new map comes for all War zone players and the old Map Verdant disappears for the time being completely. Incidentally, Rebirth Island also remains part of War zone.

Game Modes & Events: About the Seasons and Playlist updates come back from the normal Battle Royale mode in the game and also huge team deathwatches in the War zone style and live events will be back. That s all without Vanguard available.

At the start, for example, a Vanguard Royale is announced in which only Vanguard weapons are admitted, and you can try the new aircraft and anti-air trucks.

Anti-cheat Ricochet : With this new system, COD improves its security infrastructure for Vanguard and War zone. So you benefit from the measures, even without Vanguard. The anti-cheat driver, which is part of Ricochet, even comes first to the war zone. You can find more information here:

New graphics: War zone becomes Vanguard and gets much more than the predecessor Cold. Because Battle Royale completely takes over the graphic engine of Vanguard and is not a new, but another game. Again, you do not need Vanguard to play the new war zone.

Movement, graphics, equipment — All details are not yet clarified, but the gameplay foundation changes radically and so far you do not really know how your loadouts will look like at the end of the year. You can find a mind game here:

Do I need Vanguard for War zone?

Are you also interested in topics related to Vanguard Games?

Vanguard gives you such a few advantages in War zone, but you need the payment code for the Battle Royale: no, absolutely not.

Be a fan of the multiplayer, then the Battle Royale War zone is an extremely strong expansion of the COD experience. It offers you a completely different application of the same techniques that you know from multiplayer mode and thus an exciting option for all players from Vanguard.

But you are more of a friend of the Battle Royale, then Vanguard Quasi is the nice driving input — for which you would have to pay full price to get in. All important content also comes without the new cod to War zone.


Weapons Levels in Multiplayer
Practicing battles in War zone graphic
More Cosmetics
Early Access for Caldera


No gameplay relevant extra content
Full price is too much for a driving

Vanguard still offers an action-loaded campaign and a coop mode with mass zombies. Satirize this content, Vanguard is certainly worth considering and the multiplayer has also become strong this year.

However, if you actually only play the Battle Royale War zone when it goes into a PVP mode, Vanguard is probably not worthwhile for you. The multiplayer mode is the core of Vanguard and if you can not surely say that you also play extensively, saves the money or put it in new cosmetics as soon as the Pacific Update is online.

What you can expect from the multiplayer mode is here: Why every COD fan should try Vanguard, even if you do not fit the setting

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