Xbox will have its own series this year

In case you were not aware, today you are celebrating the 20 years of the first Xbox, and to commemorate it, the brand is carrying out a special stream. As part of this transmission, we were revealed that Xbox will have its own series, which will tell us how it was the story of its creation within Microsoft and you will be able to see it for free this year.

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The project will lead as a name Power on — The Story of Xbox and will be available the next 13 December through different platforms such as YouTube, Roku TV and more. The series will consist of six Episodes, and each one of them will give us more details about the creation process behind the Microsoft console, with the participation of different and important figures of the company.

Editor s Note: It will certainly be interesting to take a look at this project, since, although we do have a few official data about the creation of this console, this will be the first time we really know in detail how all this process was.

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