Souldiers New trailer released with commented game scenes

Fancy a mix of classic action adventure à la Metro id or Castlemaine as well as Souls-like elements, which also inflows a proper serving platformer? Then that could be something for you from the Indie-Studio Retro Forge Games. The announcement from October now follows a fresh video that commented on commented game scenes from the 16bit pixel style adventure.

This is the official description as well as Feature list by Publisher Dear Villagers, who could already draw attention to titles such as Scour bringer or Forgotten City:

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Over list cracked enemies, solve insidious puzzles, upgrade your character and explore any angle of a dazzling, intricate 16-bit world. So Persians is a hand-made retro epic for eternity.


Choose your class: Unscheduled with the soldier s anger of your sword, summon the wizard s anger of the elements or lass with the archer arrows on your enemies.
Completing fights: suggest, Pierre and soft to fight through an ever-growing number of opponents. Upgrade your skills and equipment to find the perfect fight style for you.
A cross linked world: Discover a spacious, hand-created landscape full of treasures, bang-hard bosses and mysterious paths.
16-bit sensation: Teragray awakens with lively, first-class pixel art to live, which is filled with details to the edge.
Smart Moves: Solve puzzles in the area and jump from place to place by using an ever-increasing number of moves.

Allianz should appear in spring 2022 for PC and switch.

Souldiers - Exclusive commented gameplay

Last current video: commented GamePlaytrailer

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