A playable demo for cerebral academy version switch

The Battle of Groove is normally expected on December 3, with the exit of Cerebral Academy: Battle of Meninges on Switch, but it is already possible to get your hand, or rather the cortex, with the playable demo already available one Shop.

The trial version will allow to try the drive mode on three categories of tests, perception, identification, and math — the mini-games related to the memory workshops and analysis being reserved for the final version. Remember that this declination of the already crossed series on DS as on Wii will offer a multiplayer mode up to four, in the brain against brain mode, with several difficulty modes to the program (from childish to super expert) so as not to leave The youngest on the key — an option that it is already possible to activate.

The full game will allow him to unlock cosmetic rewards with Professor Neuron thanks to the cumulative parts in the exam mode, depending on your brain score, just that. Finally, it will be a question of asynchronous multiplayer in the phantom battle mode, which will challenge other players, and what they appear or not in your friends list. We can not wait to see that in Live GK.


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