Jack Sparrow rejoint l quipage de Sea Of Thieves A Pirate s Life

The cooperative pirate simulator at the first person Sea of ​​Thieves has continued to strengthen since he left early access — his arrival on Steam in 2020 caused a huge increase in the number of players, and between A number of successful updates and a new public eye thanks to the recent fashion of sailors, leaving Sea of ​​Thieves to fend very well. Now, however, the game is about to get its greatest update to date, featuring some familiar faces.

The next update of the Three season will include a Pirate s Life — a cross between Sea of ​​Thieves and the Disney s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. A new series of Tall Tales will bring the sadly famous captain Jack Sparrow and the rest of the Black Pearl crew on the horizon to lead players in a brand-new adventure. On the way, they will meet many characters from the Caribbean Pirates, Calypso series at the formidable king of seven seas, Davy Jones. The revelation trailer, presented at the Xbox / Bethesda E3 showcase this year, has impressive impressions of vocal distribution, as well as an overview of what will be the intrigue of the crossover:

Parallel to the revelation trailer, some screenshots have been published that show the new strange locations of the game — from the ghost ship of Davy Jones The Flying Dutchman to the underwater caves full of mutant fish and giant crabs. Although we have not yet understood what the update will look like in practice, we are about to see the gameplay of a Pirate s Life at the Xbox Games Showcase: Extended Diffusion on June 17.

Sea of Thieves - A Pirate's Life Part 1 (Tall Tale 1 Gameplay)

The three season of Sea of ​​Thieves, including a Pirate s Life, will be launched on July 22 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. Players who have already bought a copy of the game on one of these platforms will receive the update for free.

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