Qatar application at Bavaria Does it come to the lawsuit now

Next Thursday, the FC Bayern rises this year s general meeting, and still it is not clear whether the request probably received in advance will be authorized for the vote at all.

Even a few weeks ago Bayern-Fan Michael Out had submitted an application with which the FCB should be moved to an end of the controversial Qatar sponsorship. Now he is considering a lawsuit. FC Bayern knows exactly that the application is allowed, but does not respond and leaves deadlines. Now we have to complain as quickly as possible to force the vote, he writes on Thursday on Twitter.

It must not be that the club flees unpunished before this important debate

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I set the club a deadline until yesterday, 12 o clock, to confirm the approval of the application. Only reaction: One has not yet come to examine the application — for three and a half weeks. The club games on time to prevent a vote, says Out. It must not be that the club flees unscrewed in front of this important debate!

Qatar Foreign Minister:

For the lawsuit, OUT asks for financial support. For the time being, we expect a cost risk of 3000 euros. All donations that are not used up for it will be completely forwarded to Amnesty International.

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