Ironically a 14 year old map is the best of Cod Vanguard for me

Call of Duty: Vanguard just started to become boring for Mango editor J├╝rgen Horn, suddenly came the Map Shipment back into the game and changed everything! Read here why this map is easy to master cult.

Why Is Call of Duty: Vanguard Activision's WORST Game in 14 Years?

Call of Duty Vanguard has drawn me to release the spell as no longer a game. The previous parts tore me all not from the stool, but in Vanguard Campaign and the shooting action and levels in multiplayer made duly fun.

At least until the developers I took away my favorite map.

Therefore Vanguard suddenly became boring

I had, almost exclusively farmed the chaotic, small map The house, the 7-to Playlist existed separately in a 24 /. Since I could every evening until late at night in the absurd lightning pacing Kills farms and leveling my weapons.

At some point I knew every corner of the house by heart and had dozens of weapons and operator outdoor and leveled up.

But then came a change of Playlists and the house was only part of a random map rotation. This was unsatisfactory for me because I really wanted to just live.

zombies are no alternative!

Jo ma, I said there, then Ill play just once the zombie mode, which is certainly nice. Well, what to say there still great? Except, perhaps, the zombie mode that feels as if the developers are still noted in a meeting shortly before release, that somehow no one what has turned into zombies. Then a crude game mode with no real goal and surprises was stapled into the game quickly.

After two hours felt Drove gameplay where I am different in three different missions three types had riveted by zombies galore, I was the really too stupid and the next night I tried something completely different from.

No Cod is no solution!

Since recently the Early Access was started to Battlefield 2042, I tried this game instead of. But against my first laps in the BF-snoring boring zombie matches were even more exciting.

Somehow I got lost on the absurdly large maps, and if I do hit out enemies were the most in the majority or well entrenched, and I was signal done by campers. And even if I once had the upper hand, ensured annoying Rubber banding effects and other glitches for rapid ebbing of the fun.

It may be that Battlefield 2042 makes the team or after a long acclimatization fun. But the lengthy battles on huge maps are not really mine. I want fast action, where a fierce fight adjoins the next, and youre back after a respawn right in the middle of the tumult.

And that has just still Cod best, even without reliable stay at home. So I started just before midnight still Cod, maybe Ill be lucky, and the house happens to be in the rotation.

The first map on which I felt like a real warrior!

And then I saw it! Where previously the The House had been -playlist, now stood Shipment 7.24! Shipment! This is not just for me, a trigger word, for this legendary map is since 2007 a perennial favorite among the Cod fans.

For me, it even has a special significance. For 2007, I played with Modern Warfare Cod my first. After I had the grandiose campaign, I gambled the multiplayer mode, but I was on most maps quickly became the victims and my opponents farm ten like a field of potatoes.

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Except for Shipment. I was even not a top player, but on the small, compact map, which can suddenly emerge from either side of an enemy, had, sometimes I create enough opportunities a few kills.

I had even here the first time unlocked a kill streak in my life and was mistaken proud of me. In Shipment, I looked 14 years ago, so to speak my spurs and felt myself first as a true warrior and not just as a farm and potato victim!

fascination Shipment: Its glorious mess!

With trembling fingers and shining eyes I clicked on the Shipment-Playlist, and it was even more striking than I could imagine in my wildest dreams it. I was thrown into a wild Team Deathwatch Round, which was already in full swing.

I did not get time large to study the Vanguard version of the map, because constantly blew up something somewhere was always something ablaze, bullets were flying around my ears and in all the chaos ran tens wild attack dogs around which everything and everyone mangled.

Furthermore, I was barely spawned because flew me already a kill streak bomb on his head and the next Spawn was eaten by the dog. Shortly thereafter, I could be careless three people with the MG42 united, only to shot down by enemy number 4 from behind to become.

The longer the round went, the absurd it became and sometime, players simply random in the ball hail and at least one dog turned into a wild texture tornado before joy.

Everything was so wild, so chaotic and so wonderfully stupid that I immediately started another round. And then one and another one and one more. The good old shipment feeling was back. Only thanks to lightning combat pacing, the whole thing was shot literally on 11 and still wilder than ever.

I just love it, and Im looking forward to the closing time and when my son is in bed, because then its back to shipment, where explosions, ball hail and wild dogs are already waiting for me.

If you also go on a straightening action and shipment tumbled, then youre happy! Because you can currently download Vanguard for free and gamble in multiplayer. And yes, that also applies to shipment! And so that the fun factor is rotated completely on 11, the developers have created their own playlist, which consists only of shipment and the house and for free weekend also duplicate experience points. So see you in the chaos zone!

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