Arizona Sunshine Developer Gives VR Cooperation FPS After The Fall Booking Launched Bumping Zombies with 80s LA

The listings include computer game as well as various other applications that have actually been or are being created for the Oculus Quest as well as the Oculus Quest 2 and are distributed by the Oculus VR business. Computer game and also apps that need to be side loaded are not included on this listing. Listed launch date is the date launched on Oculus Quest, video games might have been previously launched on different platforms.

VR shooting Arizona Sunshine has been established Vertigo Games, VR cooperation action FPS After The Fall has started reservation acceptance.

This work is a VR cooperation action FPS that survives in the world full of zombies. Up to 4 cooperative play is possible, and in the 1980s Los Angeles, which became ruined, it takes place in his place style for mutated ferocious zombies.

The Developer started reserving for Oculus Quest / steamer / overseas PS VR. After making a reservation, 10% off, After The Fall Launch Edition offers the first season content including the Warehouse PVP Arena and the new game mode. Also, when booking with Steam, you will be able to participate in closed tests scheduled to be held soon and 48 hours prior access.

After the Fall will be delivered on December 10 for Oculus Quest / steamer / drive / PS VR.

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