Prusser demands more bite

With a defeat in Dresden and a draw against Hanover, the Düsseldorf went into the last game break before the usual winter break. Fifteen points will still be awarded before Christmas — and the Forte are at home three times. We want to become more stable, have a good dot yield and go with a good feeling in the break, said coach Christian Prefer before the activism on Sunday in Dresden (13.30, live! At usual winter).

The game at the Saxony should face similar demands on the Rhine countries as before the last game in the stranger. Since Prefers Scuttling 1: 2 at promoted Hans Rostock — also because the congé bought the Dusseldorf the cut and allowed only a single serious goal termination. You can draw parallels to the Rostock game, said Prussian, because the coach expects a dynamo that will occur buggy, intense, aggressive and forward-oriented.

We have so far been successful in the games in which we had a good duplication rate.

Christian Presser


Obviously, Prefer calls for the duel with Dresden in terms of physical presence a clear increase towards the Rostock game, because we have so far successful in the games in which we had a good battle ratio. Just as well as against Hanover immediately before the next country break, when the fortes led long earned, but were brought in the re-entry time around the pay.

Overdoses Good Energy — Prussian brakes expectations

A bright spot against 96 was Tim Overdose. The 25-year-old defender, who celebrated and confident at the 3-1 against the KSC and convinced, was replaced against 96 in the 15th minute when Andre Hoffmann seriously injured (trauma of the cervical spine). How long he fails is unclear, therefore, Overdose falls the role of the first substitute man. He makes it good and brings good energy. Thats very pleasing. But we can not expect too much of him, even with him there are things that he can do better, says Prussian about the defensive player who in This season made his first steps in professional football.

Appellate is missing only once

Definitely failing for the Dresden game Midfielder Shinto Appellate, ​​which has pulled a muscle phase. But the 21-year-old regular player does not have to pause for a long time, because according to Prussian, it is only a little muscle phase. It will not be long downtime, but this weekend he is not available.

Pleds comeback after 258 days — but where?

Meanwhile, a pleasing comeback could rise. Thomas Pled could get his first minutes in the current season. At the beginning of March, the midfielder had accessed a complex knee injury (cruciate ligament, meniscus) in the home game against Nuremberg and could therefore celebrate his comeback after 258 days. For Toni we have different scenarios in the head. Maybe a substitution is meaningful for a quarter of an hour, but maybe 90 minutes in the second team. We decide to finalize tomorrow, Prussian said.

Should be second of the case, Pled plays the Little Rhinebyby at the 1st FC Cologne II on Sunday evening in the Regionally West.

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