Free PlayStation Plus game for December potentially discovered

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Missing a week for December, but PlayStation Plus subscribers in PS4 and PS5 have no idea what free PS Plus games are getting for the last month of 2021. However, we seem to know one of the gifts before the revelation, Thank you. To some smart observations, all of which aim that a new game that will be launched next month is one of the free games of the month. And if speculation is correct, PlayStation Plus subscribers can enjoy one of this year’s most promising independent games. That said, for now, this is just a speculation, but next you can see the evidence behind this.

A new theory notes that Sony has been launching the Free PlayStation Plus games of each month on the first Tuesday of each month. If this pattern is maintained, the free December games will be launched on December 7. And this is important to take into account because the game in question will be launched on December 7.

Several times this year, the free PlayStation PLUS game line has included new releases that will be launched that day. Each time this has happened, it is a game that Sony has helped market, either by giving it a State of Play slot or promoting it on the PlayStation blog. The other common denominator has been that all games have been smaller launches and have been exclusive console or absolute exclusive. Do you know what game fulfills all these requirements? Celestial Bodies, which is strangely not available to preorder.

Recently, the Developer 2PT Interactive announced Celestial Accurate will be launched on December 7 through PC, PS4 and PS5. It was not said to be a free PlayStation plus game, and there would be, but at this moment it is certainly a possibility that is exactly like that.

Discover the always changing nuances of the relative movement in this challenging physics game, says an official announcement about the game. Check the arms of your cosmonaut with the left and right thumb levers to push, pull and climb through stages fully simulated physically on board a scientific research stationĀ».

The official description of the game continues:

PS Plus December 2021 | 7 Freebies You Can Claim Right Now #psplus
He has been entrusted to put the most proud-to-Earth’s Earth Engineering feat. With only radio contact with the control of the mission as the help of it, you will have to use your acute mind and its personalities to assemble spatial telescopes, keep delicate solar panels and investigate the cosmic botany. But without gravity, nothing is still, nothing is safe and nothing is simple. At first, you may tempt you to tempt yourself in the immensity of space, but over time you will capture the rightful movement with grace.

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