InterimScoach Hempel takes over in Giving in the long term

So it’s official. InterimScoach Kai Hempen adopts the succession of Franz Killer as head coach of DKK Forbes. Since the beginning of October, Hempen had been working as an interim trainer after ex-coach Killer and the club officers had agreed on premature separation after only four months. The athletic development of the past few weeks convinced the club leadership for sports director Franz Witch now so far to present Hempen as a permanent solution. Surprisingly, this decision is by no means. In the six lots since its office, Hempen collected nine counters (two victories, three draws, a defeat) and brought continuity into the staff-born giving troop. Some fresh wind gets in the coaching team. Markus Diary, who last stood as a coach at the district division TV Data Weinberg at the sideline, will complete the coaching duo.

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The Give Backer way

That you are planning in the long term with Hempen instead of looking around for a new coach, confirming the line or the Give Backer WEG, which the club has been retaining for years. Even with the separation of Killer, sports director Franz Witch explained that a change of coaching after such a short time would not fit into the scheme of the Bavaria Liner. It’s not our goal to exchange the coaches every few months just because it’s not that way, says Witch.

With 25 meters in the account, the DKK is currently ranking on table spot ELF with a healthy upholstery of six points to the descent zone. Officially, in the calendar year 2021 for the new trainer duo is still a league match on the program. Whether the duel can take place with the promoted Satan For Aschaffenburg, whose game was already canceled last weekend due to numerous corona cases, but is more than questionable.

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