Nintendo Indie World Showcase confirmed for tomorrow

It will contain about 20 minutes of details about coming indie titles for the switch.

As mentioned in earlier reports, Nintendo will hold an indie World Showcase tomorrow at 10am. The company announced on Twitter that about 20 minutes would show details about indie games on the switch. Maybe one or two stealth starts? It would not be the strangest.

More interesting is that this is more or less confirmed that on March 26, a new Nintendo Direct will take place. Details for the same or unknown, but with enfilade Chronicles: Definitive Edition When we emerge in the Nintendo shop, we could get a release date for the upcoming role play. A dealer list showed a publication sometime in May, so stay it.

Indie World Showcase 8.11.2021 - Nintendo Switch

For current Switch players Animal Crossing: New Horizontal is late this week. The reviews have already gone online and the sandbox SIM has received a great praise. Further information about the title in the coming days as well as reporting on tomorrow’s Indie World Showcase. Marketed with: Nintendo, Nintendo Switch

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