Basketball Brose Bamberg is probably separated by coach Roijakkers

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#XsOs Brose Bamberg (Coach Roijakkers) starts from a diamond ???? set to flow in a spread PNR

The basketball Bundesliga club and former serge master Broke Bamberg separates according to a report of the expert magazine Big with immediate effect from his coach Johan Hijacker. As a possible successor, the Israeli coach Open Ariel is traded, which according to Big report already an offer is intended. The association did not want to comment on the report on request. Rumors do not comment in principle, it said from a spokesman. The 41-year-old Netherlands Hijackers had taken over the coaching office near Broke Bamberg in 2020. So far, the Upper Franconia have won five league games and four lost. The time for a coach change would be in principle favorable because the clubs are currently in the country break.

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