Balloon d Or for Lewandowski France Football thinks about

Thomas Tuchel (born 29 August 1973 in Baumbach) is a German football coach and also previous gamer. The former defender functioned successfully for numerous years as a youth instructor and also was promoted in August 2009 to the head instructor of the first PSV Mainz 05. After that, for two years, he was head coach from Borussia Dortmund to May 2017 and also won the DFB Mug 2017. From July 2018 throughout of December 2020, he was head train at Paris Saint-Germain and won the French champ twice, as soon as the French Cup and once the French organization. Considering that January 2021 he is instructor of FC Chelsea as well as celebrated the best success of his training occupation in May 2021 with the success in the UEFA Champions League.

Many had also seen Lewandowski in the front of 2021, ultimately it was with a narrow projection Messi. Even Toni Kroos and Jürgen Klopp could show little to the voting result.

Lionel Messi wins record seventh men's Ballon d'Or - Robert Lewandowski - Ronaldo on Pascal Ferre

Will Lewandowski still come to enjoy a golden ball? France Football has not excluded a subsequent award for the year 2020, as suggested by Messi, then the ball had not been awarded because of the pandemic. What Messi said was nice and smart. I think we do not have to make the decisions very quickly. We can think about it and at the same time respect the history of the balloon d’Or, which is based on elections, quoted on Wednesday the news portal Watson.DE Pascal Ferry, the editor-in-chief of France Football.

Messi had said after his honor on the stage at Lewandowski said: Everyone knows that you were the winner last year. I find France Football should give you the price for 2020 still. You deserve him and should have him at home Lewandowski had led the Bayern 2020 with his goals for triple.

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