He was already Chuck Norris in World of Tanks so it s time for Arnold Schwarzenegger

A year ago I wrote to you that War gaming has made extraordinary, Christmas cooperation with a guy who solves the majority of problems from the semi-circle. Yes, Chuck Norris appeared in World of Tanks. Apparently the developers follow the blow and prepared another extraordinary cooperation on the occasion of the upcoming holidays. This time it fell on Arnold Schwarzenegger!

The main interested one emphasizes that he has a personal, long history with tanks. It is the owner of M047 Patton, which he led in the Austrian army with 18 years. So he knows exciting with steel beasts. Apparently, he established cooperation with War gaming at the request of Fans from Reddit. Of course, of course on the occasion of Christmas surgery.

The Expendables 2-Chuck Norris joke.

Festive operations are the annual event in World of Tanks, which starts in December and lasts until the beginning of the new year. A traditional garage in World of Tanks turns into a holiday village, and the community has a task for mugging its diverse decorations. With the progress, the level of the Christmas Spirit increases, and virtual tags get a variety of prizes in the game.

War gaming points out that more details on this event will reveal soon. The company also invites you to your calendar that has been filled with attractions — in December there will be something happening. You will be able to get a sweetheart for example to subscribe to the English YouTube World of Tanks channel.

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