Warzone The Gulag will have a drastic change when the Pacific map arrives please or against

In less than a week, the Miscall of Duty players: Vanguard and Call of Duty: War zone will be able to put a foot on the Pacific Island with the new content. Naturally, the changes will be numerous and the developers of Battle Royale have announced meaningful modifications regarding the weapons for the terrible test of the Gulag.

War zone players will have their team at the Gulag

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Here you have news that will be received in two different ways: with happiness or with a grimace.

In the official blog of Call of Duty: War zone, Raven Software has announced that the Gulag will have some changes, especially as regards weapons, but also the lethal and tactical equipment. Right now, the players have to face the terrible but no less irritating Calvary of the Gulag to be able to play again, are automatically assigned a weapon, as well as the equipment (Molotov, paralyzing, etc.). In this way, there is no equilibrium problem.

However, the Iron Trials ’84 mode presents a different version, since it was the first mode that allowed the players to have any weapon and equipment they had before landing in the Gulag. Taking this into account, Developers have decided to generalize this method and introduce it as soon as the Pacific expansion to War zone arrives on December 8 and 9. Now, whoever wins can return to the game with his team.

In your opinion, good or bad idea? In any case, it will not take a long time to get the first reactions of the players in social networks.

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