Prepare yourself for the Alien Intrusion Timothy vs the Aliens Lands on Xbox One

Timothy Dean Sweeney (birthed 1970) is an American video game developer, business owner and guardian, called the founder and CEO of Epic Games and as the creator of the Unreal Engine, a game development platform.

Timothy vs the Aliens is an open-world action platformer where a challenging and also proud gangster named Timothy will certainly lead the resistance against an invasion of scary aliens that have actually concerned feast on whatever they will find on their method.

The video game is embedded in a black and white globe that contrasts with the vibrant aliens, and also integrates systems, exploration, challenges and a great deal of action. In a big city loaded with characters, stories as well as objectives, Timothy will combat against different types of aliens as well as opponents, and also on his way he will have the ability to take advantage of both classic automobiles that he will certainly locate throughout the city, and effective tools, things and also ammo that he will purchase from Luciano, the gunrunner.

Along the adventure, you’ll be able to aid other personalities in additional missions while you go with the city. Timothy will certainly additionally be aided by various other strange visitors that will certainly approve him upgrades, as well as having an ace up his sleeve: a special power to decrease time. Timothy’s globe will certainly take the player to the timeless gangster movies with a touch of black humor as well as eccentricity.

Participate a piece of the action. Timothy vs the Aliens is available now on Xbox One!

Timothy vs the Aliens


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‘ Timothy vs the Aliens’ is an open-world platformer, and also adventure video game where a gangster will certainly defend his black & white city from an invasion of full-colored aliens. The game happens in Little Fish City, an open as well as large city that can be openly explored and also conceals numerous secrets and also objectives. This is a city packed with platforms, and undergoing it won’t be just walking from one factor to another. On top of that, you will have the ability to explore the whole city by car, making use of any one of the vehicles that show up in the game. In ‘Timothy vs the Aliens’ you will additionally find several minutes of activity in ambushes by aliens, along with great deals of problems to find things, assist other characters, and gain access to blocked or hidden areas. Naturally, you will constantly be well-equipped to battle versus the aliens, and also you will have the ability to raise your supply buying products from the Gunrunner. All this as well as a lot more in a video game packed with stories, journeys and tricks.

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