Fortnite presents its chapter 3 Flipped New island new skills Spider

The events that have precipitated the end of Chapter 2 of Fortnite, have made everything stand up, literally. The island that we all knew is the reverse, which leaves us with a new map to explore and many new ways of living Fortnite. Epic Games has presented all its novelties in A trailer loaded with surprises.

New skills arrive like sliding or rolling One of the first novelties is that we can win PE of the battle pass from other modes other than Battle Royale, this will give us freedom to play what we are most Appealing without therefore stopping level. Among the characters who will make appearance in the game are our friend and neighbor Spider-Man, in addition to Wait Díaz and Marcus Felix, of the Saga Gears of War.

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Chapter 3 of Fortnite will also bring new playable skills and mechanics. The classic sliding is incorporated at ground level, with which we can move faster while dodging enemy shooting. But not only can we move on the ground, too we can balance us the purest style of New York treasures.

We can mount camps where you can recover health and store objects among the new mechanics is that of the camps. With them, we can recover health and store objects between games. The new chapter also brings new weapons and objects with which to get a victory, that if we keep, will give us access to the prestigious crown of victory. An object we will keep, demonstrating that no one can snatch our throne.

The new island has different zones between which it stands out the sanctuary, the Secret Center of the Seven. The appearance of Spider-Man will not be limited to the appearance of it in the game, the map will receive the Daily Bugle, the territory of the Superhero, which will be completely themed. New meteorological phenomena will also be included for the island. The new Battle Pass for season 1 Chapter 3 will include Spider-Man, the Foundation and new original characters.

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