Mainz 05 improves record from 2012

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Aaron played a corner briefly on Jae-young Lee, whose pass to the center landed a few meters in front of the penalty area, where Anton Stack tried to reach him. So the variant looked out, which the trio once sets the PSV graduation training on Friday. Then I had four shots or something, I did not hit it right, said a day later after he had defeated 3-0 with his team Wolfsburg.

In the game against the VFL, the short corner worked all the better. It’s nice that Anton has spared himself for this good shot, commented coach BO Venison the contrast between the high error rate in the training and the placed shot in the game with a smile. Stitch gates in the 4th minute means the fastest Mainz 2: 0 guidance in the upper house. The previous record was six minutes at 3: 1 against Freiburg on the 19th match day 2011/12.

Venison over stack: committed to the future

The 23-year-old stack was only for the second time in the 05-started, for the first time as the sole six. Venison reacted to the failure of Dominik Bohr, which is missing because of a muscle tendon injury in the thigh until the winter break. In the game before, Leandro Barbara had dressed his position, but as an eighth, however, was more valuable and also initiated against Wolfsburg 1-0 by Jonathan Burkhart with a class pass.

VfB Breaking Free! | Stuttgart - 1. FSV Mainz 05 2-1 | All Goals | Matchday 13 – Bundesliga 2021/22

Anton has been training very much for a long time, very well. He has been playing at Fürth in the last season at Six. He has a great talent, which he brought in the place against Wolfsburg. It is committed to the future, said Venison.

The 2-0 by stancher and 3-0 by an own goal of Maxence Delacroix fell after resting balls, which meant for Mainz 05 the standard node four and five in the current season. For the final score, the Wolfsburg defender cared for a free-kick of Jean-Paul Boethius, when Delacroix depressed by Stefan Bell to began the ball into his own network. Mainz had previously achieved comparatively few goals after resting balls, which is why the coaching team also rehearsed the new variants.

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